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I am Rewatching BSG - Starbuck is More Awesome Than Everyone

I am sick. But it's almost a refreshing kind of sick, since it's the kind of sick that doesn't involve a hospital, just a tummy virus. So it should pass quickly enough. I feel better already, just kind of ick.

Rather than talking about that, I'm going to ramble.

Firstly - happy birthday, maleficently, my wifey of wifeyness. I hope it's a good day, even if I'm a bad wifey who didn't get you anything.

Secondly - does anyone have the following songs?
Terry Callier - Lazarus Man (I have the live version, but want the album version, which itunes won't let you buy singly.)
Imogen Heap - Hallelujah (Cover of Cohen's song)
Heather Nova - Wicked Game (Cover of the Chris Isaak song)

I was fully willing to buy them off Itunes, but Itunes does not have them. Blah.

Thirdly - okay. I don't like American Idol. But my mother loves it, which means it gets left on in our house a lot, and the result is that I have seen most of this season, and have some thinky thoughts.

This show annoys me so much, sometimes. Okay, so first off - why the hell is that teenage kid Tim Urban not gone? Why was he there to start with? He is AWFUL. He is PAINFUL to listen to.

And in general - how many gazillions of people did they hear and narrowed it down to the most bland top 24? I had to go look up names because I only remember like three offhand. They're THAT unremarkable.

I think what's bugging me the most is when they're praising people for being "unique". In particular Andrew Garcia. Who is admittedly one of the better ones - but they all went gaga for his "Straight Up" acoustic thing. . . which sounds exactly like when Thea Gilmore did it. Maybe he'd never heard it, and it was a pretty straight up - heh - acoustic transition of the song. But I swear even the way he did some of the changes sounded like her version. So I was just mehing the whole time.

And then they talk about the unique tone and intonation in Lily Scott's voice. . . . who most of the time sounds JUST like a Regina Spektor ripoff. (It's possible I have the wrong girl there, but I think that's the one.)

My favorite of them is Crystal Bowersox. But she's not the type of girl who SHOULD win Idol. (Although you can't get much more mainstream of an female folky rocker than doing an Alanis song.) She seems like the type who would hate like 90% of the music put out by Idol alumni. I sort of like that in one of her little "about them" movies she was pretty much like "I had a kid, and needed more money", though I don't know if I buy the "never watched the show before this" bit. Everyone's watched some of this show, whether they want to or not. There's a guy on a ten year ice-measuring scientific exploration in Antarctica who's seen Idol, probably.

I know there was another one who did a version of a song that the judges were all "yay innovative" and I was like "ummm, that's a rip off of so and so doing that song", but I can't remember what it was now.

In conclusion - if Tim Urban does not leave this week, then there is no justice. OMG so bad. I can't remember who he replaced to start with, but they had to have been better.

Oh oh. And if I have to watch clips of Kara ogling Casey once more and them making a big deal out of her liking him, I'm going to hurl. How many girls has Simon put through because they were mediocre but pretty? And the freaking bikini girl thing? I don't think he's at all hot anyway - not my type - but Simon or Randy looking at the cute girls is just par for the course, but Kara is a cougar.

Also, I hate the term cougar.

Also, also Ryan Seacrest, I don't care how many commercials you do with girls throwing themselves at you, I still do not believe you are straight.

Also, also, also - I loathe it when Idol contestants sing songs recorded by former Idol contestants. It invites a direct comparison which never works out well, number one. And number two - it's like the least creative choice on the PLANET. And usually sucks to start with. And it's like. . . a copy of a copy. Like Michael Keaton's character in that Multiplicity movie. As soon as they start belting out something some other Idol winner did, I automatically assume they're like those girls who ONLY READ TWILIGHT because nothing else is as good, OMG. They only listen to Idol because WHAT'S THE POINT of other music?

Ahem. I'm done.

Oh wait, no I'm not. Look, I know Adam Lambert did not win last year, and that Kris whatsits did. Has he done anything EXCEPT the tour, and NINE MILLION COMMERCIALS for cars that they air in a continuous loop during the show? Do they actually own his soul and the right to have him shilling for them until he actively keels over dead? Poor kid.

There was something else I wanted to talk about. . . I forget what it was though.

Oh, TeeVee. I am mostly caught up on all my shows, and have been intermittently watching Six Feet Under. (Which is a really fun show, if a little stilted sometimes. And weird to see Michael C. Hall NOT be Dexter.)

I am pretty shamelessly hooked on The Vampire Diaries. I kind of want an RP or some fic in that world with lots of angsty-wrong threesomes and Moral grayness. I think the reason I like the show - aside from the astounding hotness of Ian, and the prettiness of the cast in general, at least I own my shallowness - is that I *like* Elena. Yes, she falls into the damsel-in-distress role sometimes, and the weak-character-amidst-the-strong - but she's likable, doesn't come across as dumb or overly needy, hasn't abandoned her friends due to undead boyfriendness (Though she's admittedly screwed them over a little a time or two), and in general is, if not the polarizing or most interesting character in the show, doesn't bore me. Unlike the female protagonist of certain vampire novels. (Which, if you have not read Mark Reads Twilight, you should.) As usual in vampire stories, I seem to find the lead couple (Elena/Stefan) the least interesting of the show. (That can be said of pretty much every vampire thing ever that I've read/seen. Sookie/Bill, Edward/Bella, etc.) But I don't zone out and go to my Damon-dancing happy place when they're on screen or anything.

My fandom happy places these days seem to be Leverage, White Collar, and Psych. (Though I've been a little blah about a few Psych episodes this season.) So apparently, I like liars? I really wish they'd use Natalie Morales better on White Collar. I watched Middleman, finally, and it was awesomely fun and she is so underutilized.

Oh, and also, the Oscars. I did not watch the Oscars. But from what I understand, I didn't miss much. I confess that I've seen VERY few of the Oscar movies this year so far. Not that I don't want to, but we rarely get out to the movies, and when we do, we tend to see Big Screen fare that the whole family wants to see. Which means I DID see Avatar. I'm really glad it didn't win.

You have to understand that I LOVED Avatar. But you also have to understand that I loved it the way I love Fern Gully - with the full appreciation that THIS IS NOT GOOD, but OMG I love it anyway. I wanted to ride the Turok thingies and run around in the glowy forest and jack in to big forest horses. (In a non sexual sense, though I understand there is a cut scene involving those braids.) It was beautiful to watch, and while when I thought about it later, all of the issues that people have with racial issues and such were perfectly reasonable - I still loved it. Also, I would do Zoe Saldana if she were herself, or a big blue cat woman. Just sayin'.

But love aside, it was pretty rotten dialogue, incredibly cliched plot, and chock full of issues. It deserved technical awards out the wazoo, sure. But not best picture or director or anything along those lines.

Honestly, I think the Oscars are incredibly broken. Entertainment is such a self-congratulatory field with the multiple awards every year, that it seems like it's such a mockery of things. You don't get televised awards shows for doctors, for writers (most of them), for veterinarians or dudes who make really, really good sandwiches. The awards themselves are mostly entertainment too, rather than a real honor at this point I think. Because we like to look at pretty people in pretty dresses.

But if they wanted the Oscars to be valid or mean anything, I almost think they need to change them completely. Not that they WOULD, but they SHOULD. Make it every three years. Make the cut off date for inclusion in the awards six months BEFORE the awards, to try to forget this whole "Oscar only remembers movies released in Oscar bait season".

How many awards have been given to movies that end up forgettable? Three years would give a sense of time to have a sense of which movies and performances MIGHT actually be memorable.

And get rid of all the advertising. No more "for your consideration" stuff. Movies get released, and copies go to the voting peoples, and that's it. They stand on their own. No trade smear campaigns or less-than-subtle paid off shilling for one movie or another.

And stop pandering to movies that only address issues deemed Oscar worthy. There are great performances and movie making happening in genre movies. There is no reason a stellar fantasy/horror/comedy/sci-fi movie with great writing, performances, and direction should be consistently overlooked in favor of a mediocre movie that addresses Oscar-bait topics, like racial tension, war, costume historicals, etc. Not that those movies AREN'T often deserving, and shouldn't win awards - but when they deserve them. Stellar movie making is stellar movie making. No matter the genres. Look at the movies that we sit our friends down and make them watch, or tell our kids about. Or look at books - while everyone says to read the classics, we're handing our kids Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket, and Alice in Wonderland. These books and movies matter, not just the movies about Serious Issues. (And often, you'll find plenty of allusion to those issues hidden in the less obvious series, too.)

So yeah. I'm glad the Hurt Locker won, and I do want to see it, I just haven't yet.

If you're not already, you should go vote for Fandom Steel Cage Match , and Snacky's Annual Snackfood Deathmatch, 'cause they're fun. (Also, man are there a lot of people putting political/issueful spins on the Steel Cage Match. I'm sorry! I just vote for who I like best!)

And I would like to be unsick and finish my Hati fic, and some other stuff now!

Ohh, and 'cause I fail at keeping up with commenting to people's journals - dreamt, I'm glad you're home safe, and had a good trip!

And a few last thoughts on Avatar, and the way I watch things.

Like I said, I completely understand why some people have major issues with the movie. Looking back, I can count up quite a few Tv Tropes that likely might have bothered me more if I hadn't been so dazzled by it.

I think it comes down to how I watch things. If something takes me out of myself enough that I'm not LOOKING for issues, then I can enjoy it despite the things that bother me. This doesn't happen all that often. I know I'll watch things with my parents and they'll ask me what I think, and I try to tell them not to ask, but they always pursue, and I end up railing about this or that, and then comes the inevitable "you think too much". Which is dismissive, but they're my parents, so I don't argue.

Some people don't want to think during entertainment, and that's fine. But I'd rather think, and maybe have some hope of complaining about it enough that in the future, I won't HAVE to turn off my brain and ignore the race!fail or gender!fail or the million other things that we learn to just ignore.

And yet with movies like Avatar, I do just that. Or at least while I watch it. Because once in a while something kicks your brain into quiet. Do I wish that it didn't have to be quiet for me to enjoy it? Of course. But it happens nonetheless. Sometimes, I just watch stuff.

But just because MY enjoyment wasn't lessened by the issues the movie has doesn't mean that someone else being offended isn't perfectly valid. It's just not my particular threshold for losing enjoyment in favor of wincing at the fail.

I've sort of reached that point with Supernatural I think. I love the boys. I love the show at its best - but the constant genderfail and racefail, coupled with the show's uneven pacing, and misuse of the minor characters just. . . I watch the show LOOKING for things to be annoyed about, all too often, and then finding them. (My loathing for Castiel is even lessened now, so I can't blame it all on him. Even if I still don't like him.) I'm still watching, but. . . I don't know. That might change soon.

But I think I'm done rambling now.
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