Age of the Geek, Baby (lorax) wrote,
Age of the Geek, Baby

Happy New Year, ya'll. I did fuck all tonight, save hang out at home, have some Sangria, and watch the various crappy New Year's shows. But I was home and not in the hospital, and we had my favorite dinner, so I am happy. :) And I got drunken love calls from Stacey and a couple other people, so I was entertained.

I'm not going to make resolutions. But I'm going to make a list. feel free to skip, it's for my own reference and the happy feeling of crossing shit out.

For my own benefit, things I want to do as the new year rolls around.

Misc Net-Related
  • Finally figure out how to use dreamwidth and move over there and crosspost to LJ, which means recreating my flist over there and adding anyone else I want to follow.
  • New Layout for LJ.
  • New Layout for dreamwidth.
  • Repost all entries over to dreamwidth.
  • Tag entries for dreamwidth.
  • Write Ad for Kahlua.
  • Back up Hard Drive/Itunes
  • Find new damn mouse.
  • Upload more iconses to LJ and Dreamwidth.

    Fic Related
  • Archive all fic at AO3.
  • Check into Collections.
  • Check into Original policy.
  • Check on pictures in WWW, and Map. Move them to main photobucket and fix links.
  • Finish fics for rs_small_gifts and xmmficathon fics for recipients, even if it's past the due date. Not having finished a challenge eats at me.
  • Edit in fixes for all fics where I notice obnoxious errors, especially yuletide stories.

    Original Work Related
  • Possibly establish a comm for my fic to post in an attempt to keep myself writing.
  • Edit Mirrors, Silence, Parody, and Offsides to an actual readable form, and then possibly submit to some places.
  • Sketch out plot outlines for Camera, Scalene, Therapy, Waysiders, and Unearthed.
  • Pick one project to work on first, damnit.

    Rp Related
  • Once fic is archived, convert dream_country into an all-in-one PSL journal.
  • Once that's done, post backlog of RP logs.
  • New Layout for CDJ.
  • Possibly Condense PSL's with Tygs.

    Misc Offline
  • Clean/Organize Room.
  • Clean Out Chelsea's Room.
  • Move The Corinthian.
  • Organize Books.
  • Figure Out Gift For Chelsea.
  • Pack Shit Up.
  • Exercise/Log Food More
  • Log Water.
  • Take Progress Pics.
  • Take Down Christmas Tree.
  • Tags: holidays, making lists, personal stuff

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