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Yuletide for ME!

Soooo, I have a lot more yuletide love given my way than I thought. I got FOUR full length stories - all in the Leverage fandom - and two treats. One more Leverage, and one Across the Universe. And as I was on the last minute Pinch Hit list, I know all those people were working super-fast to get something up for me, and I'm deeply grateful.

Not to Exceed 4000lbs by anon is a Leverage OT3 Hardison/Eliot/Parker fic with a heist going wrong, Alec and Eliot are stuck in an elevator. It's adorable and non-explicit, working on an established relationship assumption.

Your head's a dead tomato splot with moldy purple spots, Mr. Grinch by anon is a Leverage family Christmas fic. Mostly gen. Hardison is fabulous and plans Christmas and tricks Parker and Eliot. Hardison planning things = win.

It's Hard Out Here for a Geek (Only Not So Much) by anon is Hardison/Parker/Eliot PWP sex, mostly. But it's got geek points and Eliot and Parker tempting Alec away from WoW, and lots of hotness and them being them.

the christmas eve job by anon is gem team fic with the whole crew heading off to bring Christmas to a children's ward. It's IC and lots of fun with a little poignancy thrown in, and it has the nicest little moments worked in for each team member.

A Reason to Stop Writing by anon is a little ficlet worked into the Across the Universe timeline that is Max/Jude, but slips believably into the canon timeline and is nicely understated and quietly charming.

Friendly Misdirection is an Alec/Parker/Eliot ficlet that has Parker ambushing Eliot and him forced to call Alex for reinforcements. It's very cute and fun and a nice Eliot POV.

So thank you to all my Yulegoats. You were all awesome, and I appreciate the last minute efforts on my behalf!

The archive is feeling much more robust today, it seems, so I'm going to try to read around some more and gather up some recs of my own. I've only read stories for one fandom so far. Man were they good though. Even though Yuletide has grown SO massive, it still manages to have such a high quality level of fic available, it seems! I love this challenge so much. And while there's always some griping and sniping and such, I love the general, community feel of everyone willing to pitch in and write up a storm to make someone else's Christmas fic wishes come true.
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