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I am waaaaay late. I am sorry Yulegoat! I've been in ze hospital which kept me from doing a letter for my writer. And still a little on the crappy side, so I'm going to cheat and copypaste part of my letter from last year. Forgive me!

Hello! Thank you so much for writing me a story - I'll love whatever you do, so don't sweat the details too much. I'm a pretty easy sell on fandoms I love, and my choices were all fandoms where even if I didn't get the specifics I asked for, it's a pretty good guarantee that I'll dig most anything written. So yes - above all, please yourself. Write something YOU enjoy writing and would like to read, and chances are I'll enjoy it too.

That said, if you want to know more about me, you can get a pretty good idea of the sorts of things I like from my fic, as I tend to write the sorts of things I like. In general - I like banter. I like wit and wittiness. I like friends being friends, boys being boys, UST, gen, and smut. I like plotty fic, and I like romance. I LOVE plans gone wrong. I like angst and pining, misunderstandings. I like when things are believably in-character, but I like some silliness and crack too. I like kickass girls and angry boys. I like comedy, and I like seriousness. I like when the bad guys are still bad guys, but human ones, and I like when the good guys show their flaws. I have a fondness for first kisses, for clueless! boys and the boys who want them. I like when canon relationships are treated with respect, even when the characters are being written with someone else. Mild kink and smutty fun is all good - so is strictly "g" ratings if that's what you prefer writing.

I don't like mpreg, bitchifying girls for the sake of getting their boys together, the idea that just because someone is in love with someone else, that means they weren't really in love before - people can love in different ways, and more than once. Fluff or angst just for the sake of it - as in forcing saccharine happy endings - or emo angst. If angst or fluff is natural for the story, then I have no problem with it - I just don't want it forced or heaped on. Extreme kink, non-con, watersports, etc - I'd rather not.

For specifics for this sign up. . .
The Young Riders
Boys being boys! Slash is lovely and great, but gen, friendship, gunslinging adventures, character studies, comedies - anything and everything. The characters I selected are my favorites, but I love them all, so with the exception of heavy Lou/Kid romance, go nuts. (I don't mind them being together/mentioned, I'd just prefer they weren't the focus as they were always my least favorite aspect of the show.)
This was one of my first fandoms, and near and dear to my heart. I'm seriously unpicky, but would really love something along the lines of the episodes - some bantery, silly boy humor plus wild west adventures and angst. I love Teaspoon, I adore Buck and Ike. I love Jimmy and Cody. Emma was love, and I liked Rachel too. Character studies, angst, romance, slashy in-character porn - whatever floats your boat, I'm good with!

Across The Universe
I'd love Max/Jude. Either post Lucy, or AU where Lucy and Jude aren't together. I'm up for any variation of the two of them, so long as it's not Lucy-bashing involved! Threesome would be fine too, if that's what you'd like to write! Inclusion of other characters, post movie, during the movie - whatever you'd rather!
I fell in love with this move all over again recently. I'd love an AU take on the movie that takes an approach that's more of a threesome. Or a canon perspective from an on-the-outside, pining-but-still-having-fun Max. Post-movie with them getting together. Or even just friendship fic. Beatles references, Sadie, Prudence - all great bonuses. I'd love a Max and Prudence bonding moment where Max clues in to her pining for Sadie finally, and Prudence to him for Jude. But whatever youw ant to write I'll love!

Alec/Eliot, or Alec/Eliot/Parker. No Parker/Eliot without Hardison in the mix too, please. Gen is great too. I'd love banter, fun, capers and hyjinks - pretty much anything but solid angst is good with me!
Hardison is my favorite, so you can't go wrong with Hardison being awesome. I'd love something about Hardison putting together a Christmas for the team in a grand, overplanned-but-gone-wrong Hardison way. I'm not especially fond of Sophie/Nate, so while I don't mind it as a background, I'd prefer it not be a huge focus of the story. Other that that, go nuts. Heist fic is awesome, gen fun team stuff is good. Slashy Hardison/Eliot is wonderful. Parker being blunt and odd - have fun with it and go where you want to!

Raymond E. Feist - The Riftwar Saga
I love this series. Slash is always a solid bet with me, but gen, het, friendship, character studies - anything. I prefer nothing set after The King's Buccaneer", since I haven't read all of the canon after that, but pretty much everything is is fair game. Jimmy and Arutha are my favorites!
I said "anything" and I pretty much meant it, aside form not going past the King's Buccaneer. I don't have any set ships, I don't have any big aversions. So whatever moves you, have at it with my blessings!


Again, thank you very much and sorry I'm late!
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