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So I claimed my prompt at rs_small_gifts. And yuletide is now open for sign ups. I haven't done my sign up yet. I'm still pondering. But I'm excited, as always. My favorite challenge of the year. I think I'm gonna go with two of the same requests I always have, and then two new ones.

I haven't posted here at all in aaagges. I've been sick like death lately, so haven't been doing anything except sleeping and bouncing in and out of the hospital again for transfusions and blood checking. I've had two stable days with a slight climb in a row now though, so hopefully I don't have to go back in. 'Cause it sucks. I've been slacking on my modly duties over at Wished, too. Bad me. I just haven't been up to being on the compy much.

I'm mostly caught up on my fandom shows. I'm really enjoying White Collar so far. Matthew Bomer is PRETTY, ya'll. And it's snappy dialogued and capers. I'm an easy sell with such things.

And. . . I like The Vampire Diaries. ShutupDamonishot. I like Elena quite a bit, actually. Stefan is a bit dull, but I'm enjoying the side characters. And I'm shallow. Half an episode of Ian Somerhalder dancing around to Depeche Mode is going to make me happy. Plus there's pretty much canon Salvatore brothers 'cest in a hot threesome. Or close to it. PRETTY.

Also, I'm watching Glee, like everyone else. It's cute, and there's some great moments and the music is fun. I feel like I'm the only one in the world who doesn't think Jane Lynch is that funny half the time though. And I can't stand pretty much every adult on the show, which makes the plotlines concerning them tedious as all hell. My favorite character is probably Quinn. Some of the broad stereotypes and such on the show irritate me. But I did really enjoy Kurt's coming out to his dad. His dad's reaction felt very organic and positive, for the most part. And Sue ROCKED that zoot suit she had on that one episode. And I wish they'd have Puck front more instead of Finn. And that we'd see more of the rest of the cast and less of Will. Who is a humongous schmuck.

SPN - I dunno. I still love it sometimes, and other times I just want to smack the screen. I would trade Castiel for Anna, Ellen, or Bela in a hot minute though. Seriously. My loathing for Castiel is slightly dimmed this season, because I did enjoy him as a future stoner orgy dude. And the "The voice says I'm running out of minutes" made me laugh really hard, which made me like him better. But I still don't like him much. I also wish Dean would remember how to deliver lines without growling. And for more Ellen, but I always want more Ellen. Some of the snappy lines and such are fun, but it feels like they're not really doing much with the massive amounts of tension between the boys from last season, which means it's all going to be scrunched in at the end of the season in one big rush. I think I'm ready for this season to be the last one at this point, but I'd like it to go out well, at least.

Dollhouse was kind of meh to start this season. And I HATE the credits with a passion. They don't even SHOW any character but Echo. It looks like such a huge ego trip. But aside from that, the last couple have picked up. Since they weren't entirely about Echo. I'm looking forward to the rest of the season, despite the show's ongoing issues. I loved Topher with Whiskey/Saunders, now that she's nuts. And I really enjoyed his storyline with Sierra's origins. Victor remains my favorite of the dolls. And I miss Mellie and her fantastic rack.

What the hell else do I watch? Ummm. . . Lie to Me is good still, but I was underwhelmed by the last couple of episodes. I'm never very fannish about Bones, but I consistently enjoy the show and the characters. Psych had a fun season, and I'm bouncing waiting for new Leverage and Burn Notice.

I'm bummed that I can't watch the new season of FNL as it airs, again, and will have to wait for it to go to network. There's like four other shows I can't get that I want to watch too, durn inability to download large files.

And I'm way late to the bandwagon - but anyone who isn't sick of vampires, and wants something different, I completely recommend Let the Right One In. It was creepy and well done and the kids are remarkable. I want to read the book, now.

And I used up the last of a gift certificate to get the new Matthew Good album. Not as good as Hospital Music, but still really damn good.

I started writing this entry this morning, and have been to bed and up like twice since then, so I will just post it. I had more I wanted to say, but damned if I remember!
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