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Leverage and True Blood make me happy, ya'll. Leverage's last episode cracked me up. I continue to not care about Nate's romantic life, or Nate/Sophie, but Parker/Hardison/Eliot OTP ya'll. Seriously.

And True Blood entertains me. I am generally bored by Bill, and Bill/Sookie, but I love all the side characters. I love how many little moments they get mixed in. It's trashy, but fun. I love Erik best when he's an asshole, and want snappy, awesome Lafayette back, though. Also I'm not looking forward to the inevitable Erik/Sookie/Bill triangle, since I think it will boring Erik up. I'd rather he were awesome and cynical and run around being kickass with Pam. Who is amazing. And my slashy heart liked Erik/Godric. (HE IS SO GIANT. GODRIC WAS SO LITTLE.) But the death scene was good. And man, Jason cracks me up this season. Somewhere he rounded the dumbass corner and became so dumb he was awesome.

I'm also watching the second cast/third season of Skins as it airs. It's shameless and not good, but still entertaining. Though I'm not having as much fun with it as I did the first cast. I think it's the lack of Maxxie and Sid. (Though Freddy is hot like burning.)

And I finally watched the Doctor Who Planet of the Dead episode, and the Christmas special, and the Torchwood miniseries. Doctor Who was fun. I liked Marcus, and I liked seeing the lighter, excited Doctor back a bit. It wasn't wowed by it, but I was entertained. I'm still sort of ready for the new Doctor though. I loved Tennant, but I think it's time for a change. I'll wait to form my opinion on the new Doctor and companion until I see them in action, though I wish they'd gone older, and I wish the main Companion was a guy. Not so much because I'm a slasher at heart - I actually don't get that shippy about Who at all, I mostly want to watch him knock around time/space and be awesome. But just because since the reboot, it's been all females for the main Companions. We've had Jack and Mickey tagging along, but the main sidekicks were girlies, and it feels a little like they're pandering doing that, to me, by having it be another young, hot female this time. Like they're trying for Rose/Doctor 2.0 because the fangirls went nuts for them. I never minded Rose/Doctor, but I don't see why that's considered any more valid a pairing than those who ship the Doctor/Other Companions, since there's been a million in the past and he seems to care for them all. (With the exception of Donna/Doctor, only because she's too awesome and I never want her to pine for him. Heh.)

Anyway. Torchwood. I did manage to stay unspoiled going in, believe it or not, but I pretty much saw it coming. I was disappointed. For one thing - the story was okay, but it was NOT enough story to last over five episodes. At most it should have been three, and I think it could have easily been a two parter. It was stretched unnecessarily, and draaaaaaaagged because of it.

And Ianto. Meh. There's been so much wank about it, now that I finally went and read a bit of it, that I don't think I need to say anything else. But it was disappointing. I'm not a huge Ianto/Jack shipper, though I like them. But it was a lousy send off for a character that was never written as evenly as he should be, and was written just plain dull for the most part in the miniseries. If he had to go, he should have gone out being snarky and awesome, but it felt pointless, pretty much.

And I don't hate Gwen, but I've never found her that compelling. I wanted to watch Torchwood, not Gwen-Rebuilds-Torchwood-And-Jack-Comes-Back. Also I find Jack LEAST interesting when he's emo. I like him cavalier and fun. And we DID the Jack-Ditches storyline anyway. Now I don't even have Toshiko, Owen, or Ianto to come back for. I enjoyed seeing Rhys with a more active role. But I'll probably watch an episode or two if there's another season, but unless it does a whole lot more improving, I doubt more than that.

Torchwood was never a GOOD show, but at it's best it was fun. The miniseries was pretty much a chore to get through, for me, with just a coupla spots that were fun. And while it shouldn't apply for the canon itself - the show runner's attitude about Ianto's death and those who were upset by it was so intensely smug and assholey, that really it puts me off watching at all.

Okay, think I'm done.

So that's TV.

I have some personal stuff to ramble about, but I shall do that in another entry.
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