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I am so seriously disturbed ya'll. and I'm not going to say why, because it will just traumatize me more to think about it. I need something to scrub out my BRAIN.


Remix has now been revealed, so I can say that I wrote Narandam (The Silver Street Remix), which was remixed from a story by vylit. It's SPN, gen.

Remix consistently comes as the hardest challenge to me, with one exception. Much as I fuss over it beforehand, I enjoy the challenge of doing it. Part of the experience is pulling my hair out at this point, I think. Heh.

This year was no exception. My original concept was a completely different story of hers, from a different fandom. I had that one. . . probably more than three quarters of the way finished and kept reworking the beginning, moving things, fussing. . . but it just wasn't working for me. IT was meant to be a comedy piece, and the funny wasn't coming through for me. So as started to tick down to the last minute, I decided to go with my second-choice story and work on that, and if the original suddenly shaped up for me, then I'd post both.

This one was originally envisioned more as a broader "the Winchesters through the eyes of various outsiders" story. But I decided that was too broad, and deviated too much from the original story, as it would mean either creating more OC's - which I didn't want to do, as I wanted to focus on Huang in that aspect - or digging through canon to figure out some incidental characters to use - which I thought would, again, detract from Huang, and which I didn't have the time to do at that point.

I was pleased with how it came out overall. I didn't expect a lot of feedback on it - it's a gen story with an OC POV for a large part of it - but those who did read seemed to enjoy it, and the original author was pleased I think. So I'm happy with it, and had fun doing it, despite the stressing myself out part.

I still LIKE my idea for the first Remix I was doing, but it just didn't work. If I can ever get it together, I may end up just posting it to my journal and dropping the original author a note. Hopefully she wouldn't mind!

The weasley_fest comm is still anon, so I can't say if my story there has gone up or not, but I will likely link to that when the posting period and anon period is over as well.

I can also say now that the lovely remix written from my story - Displaced (The Stick to Your Gunn Overdub) was written by sunnyd_lite, whom I didn't know before the challenge but will have to check out now. :)

And for the RPers on my list, bettef managed to tempt me back into comms and HP, and I'm helping her mod Wished over on IJ. AU Trio-era seventh year game. So take a look if you're game-shopping.
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