Age of the Geek, Baby (lorax) wrote,
Age of the Geek, Baby

OMG Writing HARD

Remix story is uploaded. Go me. Way to scrap the ALMOST FINISHED story you had two days before remix is due because you decide you hate it and do another one. But I think it came out decently. There was a different way I wanted to go with it, but I decided to go with a simpler version. If I can whip the first one into shape and not hate it before Remix goes live, maybe I'll just post both. But for now at least it's done and I don't loathe it!

Remix is always the diciest challenge for me. God knows I put off them all until the last minute because I suck, but Remix usually comes the hardest because I think I pick a story that I like to work with, so then I get tetchy about whether the Remix is coming out as well as the original, and end up restarting a few times. Last year was the easiest time I've ever had with Remix - both my assignment and my pinch hit came to me pretty quickly.

I probably won't actually post to it, but for those who care I did finally cave and get a twitter to follow others feeds, so if you want to add me, or give me yours then I'll add you! I'm way late to the twitter deal, so I have no idea what anyone's twitter name is aside from a few.

Now that Remix is past (mostly, unless I post the other or pick up a pinch hit), I'm going to try to wake myself up a bit more, work on my original stuff again, and maybe find an RP comm to join. dreamt and bettef keep pimping to me. I'm just so out of the loop it's intimidating! And games always look too big to me. THEY CONFUSE MY TINY LITTLE BRAIN.

I've had some stuff I want to talk about, but I can't remember any now, so when I do I will post it.

Oh. And I have The Sims 3 and have played. . . a half hour since I got it. I don't know, my brain just has no interest for some reason? It's weird.

I'm behind on my media viewage again, but Burn Notice & True Blue have been highly entertaining this season, and I'm jazzed for Leverage coming back. And I'm itching to do a Psych rewatch, just because it makes me happy.
Tags: fandom - burn notice, fandom - leverage, fandom - psych, fandom - true blood, fic challenges - remix, gaming talk, meta - fic talk, meta - writing, rp talk, tv talk

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