Age of the Geek, Baby (lorax) wrote,
Age of the Geek, Baby

I love Abbey

Ugh. Bad day. Would like a reset on the week please.

In better news, Remix Redux '09 is now open for business. Sign up! Come play! Remix is my second favorite annual fic challenge. (Coming in behind yuletide, and they've relaxed the rules for participating fandoms a bit to make drabbles included, so read over the rules and if it sounds like something you'd enjoy, then sign up! Last year I remixed for HP fandom and Supernatural, and had the easiest time, writing wise, that I've ever had with the challenge. So hopefully it'll come easy this time too!

I've been mainlining The West Wing finally. Man, I knew I'd love this show, why did I wait so long? I'm almost through the second season. (Also, stay_cee, Mandy really did just disappear into Mandy-land without an explanation, didn't she?)

Man, I haven't posted fic in forever. I should actually finish some things at some point.
Tags: fandom - west wing, fic, fic challenges, fic challenges - remix, tv talk

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