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Age of the Geek, Baby

Oh Buck and Ike. . .

I am nostalgic for past fandoms tonight. *points to icon*

Also I am bored. I have a new layout though! It's very. . . pink. I don't know why I liked it as much as I did, I just did. I threw an SPN header I had saved on it, but maleficently didn't like it there so she made me a new one. Sandman! See how pretty? lorax. I think because it is pink on black though, I may disable custom pages so it shows up normal without the style for people linking to individual entries. I find the color surprisingly easy to read but a lot of people probably don't.

I watched Hotel For Dogs the other night, and then watched Taken. It was a very strange segue. Hotel for Dogs is adorable though - not exactly an award winning, outing, but for dog lovers who want to giggle at critters, it's a lot of fun. And it promotes dog adoption and rescue, and some of the doggy actors were rescues too, which is always nice.

Taken was pretty much like a movie worth of Liam Neeson kicking ass. Which I was okay with, really. It was worth a watch, implausible or not.

I also watched Doubt a while back, which I don't think I mentioned. It was absurdly good and disturbing on a lot of levels. Excellent movie.

I caught up on a couple of shows too now. Friday Night Lights, House, Lie To Me are all finished now.

House's finale pretty much sucked I thought. I'm pretty much over the show though there's random things I'll enjoy. I liked seeing Amber again, even in House-hallucinations, but the whole "is it real, is it dream" thing has been done WAY too many times on that show. Plus I just don't actually give a damn about Cuddy and House getting together and if it's real or fake, anymore, because they're more fun apart anyway. So yeah, I still watch because my mom whines if I don't, but I wasn't into it. And Chase/Cameron getting married - Cameron. I still can't stand you. I'm sorry, but I can't.

Lie to Me was pretty much an AWESOME first season. Interesting, well-acted. There were a few subplots and moments that annoyed me, but overall - very intelligent and fun. I doubt it's all actually that plausible, but I don't care. I'm entertained. And the show is very diversely cast for the most part, which is refreshing.

Friday Night Lights. . . oh man, it broke my heart in great ways. Coach off the team! Tim in college and graduating! Tyra getting in! (Despite being an idiot for much of the season.) Julie and Matt being adorable. The Riggins brothers BOUGHT A STEER. Billy's speech about Tim going to college so he can tell his son to expect more from life. Jason and Tim in New York! Matt deciding not to go to art school for his grandma. . . oh god, my heart. Tim and Matt tossing the frisbee! I love my show.

I would have liked to see a last sendoff moment for Smash too, I did miss him. And the show is apparently renewed, so we'll see what happens with East Dillon high, and such. And how much do I hate JD's dad? But I don't know how well the show will transition without Tim, or Tyra, or Matt in school. But I'll watch to see. And I was sort of glad that they lost the game, since another miraculous State would have been pushing it, but coach's reaction was just great. Coach and Mrs. Coach! Still the best married couple on TV!

Okay, done now I think.

I got nominated for a couple of awards for a fic, and a rec over on crack_van for an older Firefly Fic, apparently, which is always fun. Getting comments to old fics always is a nice little ego-boost. I need to answer the comments that came in and will do so when my net chooses to stop being such a dick.

We suspect that Diego the Kitten may in fact be female, in which case his mom says his name will be Ani. But I'm used to calling him Diego so that might stick.

I still want to rename my journal, I just keep waffling on what to rename it as. And I said I'd ramble about new addictions and crumbling fic resolves this post, so I will a bit.

So I'm addicted to a couple of original fic stories that are ridiculous, fluffy slashy things. I got hooked on them when I was feeling low and they cheered me up and now I'm addicted. But they are W.I.P.'s.. Those who know me know that I had a VERY STRONG stance against reading Works in Progress because it is FRUSTRATING and will bite you in the ass half the time. But. . . I can't help it. I caved.

Those who know me also know that I don't read R.P.F., and never have. I don't have anything against those who do, but it's just never been my thing. Apparently, what you have to do to get me to cave and ignore that is. . . put Jensen Ackles on a horse and have a threesome (not simultaneously, much to the horse's relief I'm sure) with Jared Padelecki and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Ya'll. I FEEL SO DIRTY. But. . . it was horses. EVENTING. There are no horseshowing AU's in fandom. (SOMEONE GET RIGHT ON THAT PLEASE. My inner twelve year old who has NEVER STOPPED loving boys on horses will love you for it.) If it was showjumping I might actually have had some sort of mental breakdown of joy. So now I read RPF. RPF WIP even. (Acronyms FTW.)

I am ashamed. Deeply, deeply ashamed. And yet not enough to stop, so there's that.

Also if anyone wants a NON work in progress original slash fic rec, then The God Eaters is pretty damn good for a free novel. It kept me interested and entertained. Guns, violence, boykissing, old gods, mythology - lots of fun.

Okay, I'm done rambling now I think. Maybe I'll go hunt down my Young Riders DVD's and watch a few episodes. (Why is there not a second season out?!)

In random note, apropros of nothing - I am tired of eating. I would like to just not bother anymore. But since I have to, I go get food now.

E.T.A. - If anyone needs dreamwidth codes too, I've got two up for grabs. I am lorax over there. Yes, a different name. If that was available for LJ I'd totally change my name to that here in a heartbeat. I haven't done anything with it yet, of course.
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