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Fandom Roundup

So I've caught up on a lot of stuff lately, and I want to ramble.

First up, I caught up on
Oh holy hell, how am I supposed to wait for NEXT SEASON? I should have put off catching up until right before the new season launched. I enjoyed it, though there were things that irritated me. (Sam's addiction storyline mainly. It didn't annoy me as much as I thought it would, but as soon as I saw it coming I got flashbacks to Season-Six Willow from Buffy with the lameass Magic Addiction Storyline and couldn't shake the incredible distaste.) I'm really glad that Ruby was conning them the whole time, and it makes me like her better - though I still say neither Original Ruby, nor Ruby Vs. 2.0 can act their way out of a box. She did pull a good scheme though - she knew just what buttons to push on an unstable Sammy. And I do think that Sam has never QUITE been stable since early on - probably The Mystery Spot. I haven't read any fandom reactions to anything this season, since I've been so behind - but I'd imagine there's a lot of hate for Ruby, and for Sam's actions. I think what it comes down to is that Sam breaks in different ways than Dean, though, and Sam could never quite get past the idea that having demon blood already doomed him, and with that it made all his hideously bad choices seem easier to make. Not EASY, but easier.

I was sad that Anna died, as she was my favorite of the angels, aside from Uriel - who was just a fun asshole. I continue to not give a crap about Castiel. Judging just from the amount of Castiel/Dean stories I see on the newsletter and such, I'm guessing fandom has fallen hard for him - but meh. At best I find him blah, and half the time I genuinely dislike him. The only episode I was at all interested in him was when he was Jimmy. And yes, he stepped up with Dean at the last - but if he'd made a move earlier instead of sitting on the fence (and even the fence sitting didn't convey much inner anguish because Castiel when he's not Jimmy is so utterly lacking in expression), then a lot of this could have been avoided. Especially since Zacharias confirmed that God was not the one handing down orders. Castiel would have known that at least since he got yanked back to Heaven - if he was going to act, it should have been then. Or at least it should have been for me to develop any kind of fondness for him. As it is - meh.

God leaving the building is interesting. It immediately makes me think of the Lucifer comics, and wonder how much of Gaiman/Carey's Lucifer is going to end up in SPN. (Do we get a Mazikeen then, plz?) The uncaring angels, Lucifer in prison rather than running hell. (Granted Sandman's quits, rather than is imprisoned. Morpheus begins Sandman imprisoned though.) Even the pictures on the wall in Dean's prison-room were reminiscent - war between heaven and hell, I THINK one of the pictures was of Michael and Lucifer (Which makes me wonder if Dean is supposed to represent Michael, and Sam Lucifer, though that's probably reaching.)

Maybe Bobby is Makizeen. *snickers*

Also, I still love Bobby. And good god, they're going to be starting next season having to use a SHOVEL to get out from beneath the pile of angst, aren't they? Dean's guilt for starting the cycle, and for abandoning Sam at all, even if Bobby's the only one that heard him threatening it. Sam's guilt over what he did to Dean, over killing that woman to drink her blood - that he apparently didn't need, over freeing Lucifer. . .

I really hope they get someone good to play Lucifer.

Moving right along, I also finished the season of Sarah Connor Chronicles. (Before I go into spoiler-cutting - has anyone heard definitely whether or not it's renewed? I think it's a no, but I know Dollhouse got renewed. . .) Okay, now I go
THAT'S WHERE THEY'RE LEAVING US? I WANT ANOTHER SEASON. Christian Bale movie Terminator is NOT going to give it a fix. I love that the show really pushed at the boundaries of what we know of the Terminator-verse, and wasn't afraid to change things. BIG things, and create it's own unique set up. Sure we know that the future not knowing of John Connor isn't going to STAY that way, and that John will choose to go back and take his rightful place - but still, it was a big deal. And the path they took to get there - the "will you join us?" was an excellently reused line and startling, I think.

I love Derek. Seriously. And I loved Jesse in all her wrongheaded choices. They all make these huge, sweeping sacrifices and do what they think needs to be done for the greater good, but beneath it are these very human, fragile impulses. It helps of course that I think Derek is hot like burning and Jesse is gorgeous, but aside from that. I loved strung-out Sarah, and Lena's FACE as she backed away was genuinely heartbreaking. While I think Weaver had too much screen-time - she didn't pull off "interesting but emotionless" as well as Summer does with Cameron - I loved that they did a genuinely decent job of misleading us about her intentions.

I watched the end of the season all pretty close together and it felt genuinely nerve-wracking and engrossing that way. I gasped when Derek died. I was genuinely sad when we saw that close up of him pulling the trigger on Jesse. I even felt badly for Riley, whom I wasn't crazy about to start with at all, and still didn't LOVE but didn't hate at least. (I also liked her with Jesse best - where's some Jesse/Riley angsty longing-to-make-her-proud femmeslash fic?)

I really want another season, and I don't think we're getting it so I want to pout about it. lol. I still love the hell out of Summer Glau, and I liked what they did with Cameron. Emotionally I think I was the least invested in John, oddly enough, but I still like him and I like watching him grow up and start to grow into himself. And also watch how dependent he gets on Cameron, and the constant question of just how much of a mistake that is. The scene where he climbs on top of Cameron and shoves his hand in her chest to check the sensors, with the inappropriate sexual tension though - that was squicky. lol.

Aaaaand I watched the whole run of Dollhouse.
The show started slow, and I wasn't sure that I could get past my issues with it enough to enjoy it at all. Particularly when the beginning lacked even a hint of Joss-flavor - no snappy dialogue or banter. But I have to admit, by the latter half of the season, I was into it. I still have issues, but I enjoyed the show despite them. I love Adelle in all her rationalizing bitchery. Victor is fantastic. I love November/Mellie and how utterly real-girl gorgeous she is. I love Boyd.

I saw it coming, but I loved Amy's doctor being a former doll. And we all knew Alan would end up being Alpha, given Joss' love of putting former Firefly folks in as villains. But he was fantastic - funny and menacing all at once. (Also ripped - damn but Alan looked good!) The show left us with some questions we'd like answered, and I'm genuinely psyched that we get another season to see them answered. I hope Paul ends up a Doll. I loved that he let November go instead of Caroline.

Next season I'd like there to be less focus on Echo and to see more of the other dolls as a whole, and their handlers - and Topher and his assistant. I find Topher morally reprehensible, but I like that the show seems to KNOW that, and think I'm supposed to. And the fact that he made Whiskey hate him is interesting. I'd like to see more of "Sam" from the "Echoes" episode, once he becomes a doll. (Because he's hot like burning.)

I love Eliza, but I think the thing I found most disappointing in the show was the fact that I cared the least about Echo herself, or Caroline. I didn't dislike her, but I didn't actually connect with her. I would call it a function of the fact that she's a doll - but I did connect with Victor and November, and Sierra. So think it's a case of the show spending too much time with Echo, particularly in the weaker episodes, and Eliza just not being a strong enough actress to pull off the different personalities enough to arrest me. So all in all - it was an uneven show, with issues, but I'm glad there's another season and I'll definitely be watching.

On to movies - we went to see Wolverine and Star Trek last night.
Wolverine NEEDED MORE DEADPOOL. I am not a big Deadpool fangirl - I barely knew who he was before I heard he was in the movie and read up. But he was fun and he was barely used save in dumb ways. There could also have been more Gambit, but I am definitely prejudiced on that point due to loving Gambit anyway, and also wanting to crawl through the screen to lick Taylor Kitsch. So there's that. My mom was happy that Hugh spent about 80% of the movie shirtless, and stopped in the middle of the movie to ask me if I thought the ass-shot was Hugh's actual ass or if they used an ass double. For the record - I have no idea. But it was a nice ass.

Wolvie's love interest was weirdly bland, and I thought it was odd to have her be Emma Frost's sister? She wasn't in comics was she? Also wasn't she, yanno, not white? Meh to whitewashing. If they wanted her to have someone there to be coerced with, then just make it a friend or an unnamed character and just have Emma be there if you want her there, I don't like the forged connections. But maybe I'm wrong, since I don't have a ton of comic knowledge.

Wolverine suffered from the X3 syndrome where there was just too many characters and not enough screen time to do any of them justice. Also I really didn't like young!Stryker. But overall it was fun, with some good moments, and worth seeing, so long as you ignore the dumbest moments. And the parts that don't seem to gel with the X-movies canon.

Star Trek was a lot more fun than I anticipated. Chris Pine won me over with his Kirk, Karl Urban tried a little too hard to sound like Original!Bones now and then, but was a lot of fun overall. Scotty was fantastic. It took me a while to get past Sylar!Spock and stop waiting for him to eat people's brains - but he did a really good job. And looked a hell of a lot like Leonard, in parts. Having Nemoy himself there was pretty awesome too. Eric Bana and his over-the-top-ness I found somewhat disappointing. Uhura. . . oh man. I love Zoe Saldana, and I loved that Uhura was the best at her job. But I was disappointed that they kept the short skirts. I could have dealt with it better if we had more shots of female Starfleet - even just in the background - where they were in pants, making it obvious that there's at least a CHOICE and humanity hasn't run backward on the gender-equality front in between now and when Star Trek takes place. And I'd have liked if we SAW her doing something awesome instead of just being told she's good at it, so she wasn't there mostly to snog Spock and be hit on by Kirk. (Although Kirk's face when she kisses Spock goodbye was, admittedly, fun.)

I loved that there were a ton of nods to the original thrown in - the guy in the red suit was the one who died in the drill fire. Kirk nails a green chick at the beginning. (Gender issues aside, that's very original series.) It seemed like they were throwing a lot of bones to the original Kirk/Spock shippers too, since there was a whole lot meaningful looks and getting in each other's faces. Fanservice. Heh. Though if I was going to slash anyone it'd be Bones/Kirk. (Friendship ships FTW!) Chekov was adorable and Sulu was awesome. I really liked Pike too, but then I usually like that actor.

So yes, a few quibbles aside, I loved it. It was fun, moved along, and was faithful to the original without pissing me off being pedantic about it.

While at the movies, we also saw the trailer for Transformers. Can I just say that every time I see that ridiculous shot of Megan Fox "fixing" a bike or polishing it or whatever she's doing with the teeeeeny shorts and the leg up in a porn model pose, it makes me livid? Like every time. It's not even like the cheesecake shot is unusual - just that one pisses me off so much. Ugh.

My next plan is to catch up on Friday Night Lights, Bones, Lie to Me, and House. I got so behind on Heroes, I'm just gonna screw it and wait for the DVD's and then watch sometime, since I wasn't feeling it all that much anyway. I need to start Castle, and want to get Kings, at some point, and still need to watch Merlin, damnit, since it's eaten half of my f-list. Also does anyone know if Eureka is ever coming back, because my mom keeps bugging me to ask.

I might go see Terminator: Salvation when it comes out, too. We'll see.

In non-fannish news - I have to say that while I have immense amounts of issues with the racing industry as a whole - but Derby was a beautiful race to watch this year, and the filly who won the Preakness was just a gorgeous example of horseflesh. Beautiful, beautiful animal. I think if the race had been the Belmont length though, Bird would have caught her and taken it, and if he'd gotten a break just a little sooner on the rail, he would have too. The Belmont should be interesting.

And the eventing before the Preakness was fun to watch. The dressage and stadium portions of Eventing always just look like watered down versions of showjumping and high level dressage, since Eventing is a test of an all-around horse rather than one specifically tailored to those disciplines. But the winner was a beautiful mover, and the cross country course was fun to watch. Seeing Bruce Davison's smiley son in the top three was cute, too, and Bruce Sr.'s reaction.

Finally - we have another kitten in the house. My sister's friend Chelsea, who stays with us, found him washed under a trailer in a storm, half drowned. She's called him Diego, and all the shelters were full so there was no where for him to go. He's five weeks, and still on formula and is TINY. Seriously little. And loud. He squeaks all the time and is fearless for his size. He's too little to be out with the other cats and dogs yet, so he's mostly in the guest room/Chelsea's room. But he is a cutie.

Next post I shall talk about my crumbling fic-reading resolutions and new addictions. But I've rambled enough for now!
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