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Gratuitous Picture Post

I only ever post animal pictures in here when they're passed away, so I thought I'd post some just for the sake of posting them. Image heavy, after the cut!

We'll start with the horses. First up is the draft girls. Now, due to financial problems, as I've talked about, two of these girls have moved on to live with a lovely couple who are kind and taking great care of them, and will probably be adopted out into a home that will love them forever. But we still get updates, and can visit. The third will be leaving soon to get some training, and from there will probably be bought by an old friend of the family. So it's hard to let them go, but they're going to good places.
This is Kahlua, who is a purebred shire mare, and who will be going to get trained soon. She's hard to get far enough away from the camera to photograph, unless you do it from the other side of the fence. I don't have any good people-standing-next-to-them reference shots, but Kahlua stands about 17'3 hands. (4 inches to a hand, and horses are measured at the highest point of the wither/shoulder, if you're interested.)

The oldest of the big girls, Molly is half shire/half thoroughbred, in theory, but she's unregistered so I think she's slanted more toward the shire half. She had surgery to correct a colic years ago, and healed up fine. She's one of the two that left. She stands about 16'2, give or take.

Kilsey, a purebred Clydesdale mare. She's the second oldest, and definitely the boss. She left with Molly a bit ago. She's a little nightblind, and would walk into things if she didn't know they were there in the dark. She stands about 17'1 or 17'2.

Kilsey Showing Off
Another of Kilsey, this time at her new home, trotting around and showing off.

Molly & Kilsey
The girls together in their new home, wandering in for attention.

And another of Kahlua, whoring for attention.

And for the non-big girls, and the horses who are going to still live here, we have the two miniature horses, and my now around 22 year old retired jumper. I know I have recent shots of them somewhere, but I can't find them, so here's a couple of older ones.

Here's the miniature gelding, Charmer. Charmer stands about 27 inches at the shoulder I believe. He's a little thing. Our great Dane was taller. He has no idea he's small though. He was gelded late, and still thinks he's ALL MAN. We call him Houdini because he tends to let himself out every so often and go visit the neighbors.

Charmer & Gentry
Here's Charmer again, with Gentry, my old jumper, in the background for size reference. He's showing off/charging around here because it's dinner time.

Here's my retired jumper. This is an older shot, I can't find a newer one. He's a backyard warmblood - which means he's some mix of draft and hotblood, but not registered so we don't know what. I think he's probably percheron and thoroughbred, with maybe some quarter horse tossed in there. He's about 16'1 hands, and is our resident old man at over 22.

Nona and Cindy Lou
I couldn't find any recent shots of Nona, either, but here she is. This is her right after she had her foal, Cindy Lou Who, who lives with a friend of the family and is just like her father, Charmer. Nona is bigger than Charmer (which made breeding them interesting. We had to stand her in a dip in the ground.) She actually foundered a couple of years ago, so now she sort of walks on her tippy-toes on one leg. She gets around well though, and it doesn't seem to hurt her - it just looks odd.

If I find some newer shots of Nona, and Gentry I'll add them in.

For now, moving on to the dogs. We have three left now, and none of them have much time left, but they're still with us now!

Karina, Laying Down
Karina is the oldest, she's a German Shepherd we got from the same rescue as we got Wayne and Garth, and at the same time. She was about a year old then, and in the cage right next door, and it was fate for her to come with us. When we first got her she was incredibly neurotic and tore the house apart if she was left alone - but she settled into being a great dog, save for incessant barking if there's something going on. She throws her whole head when she barks, and opens her mouth really wide, so we call her Pezhead half the time.

Karina Again.
And another of Karina.

Petey next - or Petie. We never really agreed on how to spell it. He was named for the LIttle Rascals' dog. Petey's the one who has cancer, so it won't be long. But he's the happiest, sweetest dog ever. He got stuck in our fence one day, and Pit Bulls get put down in four or five days at the shelter, so we couldn't take him, and he just stayed with us. He's never been a problem, and everyone loves him, but he's my dad's dog especially, and he LOVES my dad.

Petey, again.
Another of Petey. He's much prettier than these pictures give him credit for.

And Garth, who is a little older than Petey. He was a littermate to my other dog, Wayne, who passed away. He's always been the quieter, less rambunctious or pushy brother. When he wants attention, he rocks back on his back legs while squatting down and puts his feet on your tummy or chest. He looks like how E.T. sits with his legs tucked up under his body, when he does it. I was totally going to link to a picture to show, but all I can find are shots of E.T.'s face.

Next the kitties, who outnumber the people in our house by a goodly bit. In order from oldest to youngest, they are: Gatita, Trouble, Kaylee, Dean, Sam, & Pyro.

Dean & Sam
Here's Dean and Sam, cuddled up sleeping. They sleep together like that a lot, and look like a yingyang.

Dean & Petey
Here's one of Dean poking Petey in the nose while they compete over who gets to lay in the sun spot.

Dean in a Box
Dean in the cat carrier. God forbid we PUT him on there, but leave it on the floor with the door open and they all fight over who gets to sit in it. Or on top of it.

Sam & Dean
Sam & Dean all blinky and sleepy after having successfully stolen my dad's chair.

Faceless Pyro
Here we have Pyro, asleep without a face. Pyro is our resident diva. He is demanding and and we're fairly sure if he was a human he'd be a drag queen.

And here's Kaylee, hunting bedbugs apparently.

Sleepy Kaylee
Kaylee, after the bedbugs were destroyed.

Thief Pyro
Here's Pyro, hiding under the bed after having successfully stolen that slipper he's lying beside for about the fourth time. Note the utterly smug expression.

The Boys
An older shot of Dean, Sam, and Pyro when they were a little younger. And slimmer.

An older shot of Gatita, who is elusive and hard to photograph so I have no recent ones.

Dad & Trouble
Trouble, asleep on my dad. As you can see, dad hates all the animals and never wants anything to do with them. (And I'm the King of France.)

TP Pyro
A shot of a younger Pyro, when he spent about three days in love with an old toilet paper bag that was his fort and he refused to come out of half the time. You can half see my sister holding him up for the camera. He was not pleased at the fort being lifted.

Another shot of him holed up in the fort of toilet paper bag.

Dean in Antlers
and a crookedy shot of Dean wearing antlers around his middle, from christmastime. He actually left them on a long time. Dean is a whore for attention and will just kind of put up with you sticking things on him so long as you pet him.

"I say good day!" Such a diva.

I had some really cute shots of Sam squeezing himself onto a shelf, somewhere, but I can't find them right now, so I may edit them in later.
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