Age of the Geek, Baby (lorax) wrote,
Age of the Geek, Baby

Ugh. Why when I need distraction from life is there none to be had?

Thank you to those who commented on my last entry. I appreciate it. :)

In fannish ramblings, I have been watching Dollhouse. So far I am. . . underwhelmed. But I will hang in there due to rumored guest appearances, and in the hope that it will turn a corner.

I am finally, on my family's nagging, watching Fringe. . . I am also underwhelmed. It's okay, but overall I find myself getting bored. It's something I don't dislike, but so far don't particularly like, either.

I have yet to catch up on BSG, which I want to do soon. But it's been awesome so far. I finished the seasons of Leverage and Burn Notice. . . OMG, they are so my fandom happy places right now. Leverage is just. . . fun and slashy and awesome and interesting and funny. And Burn Notice is fast and interesting and shiny and I love the entire core cast SO MUCH. I want them back NOW.

I also went to see Watchmen.
I loved the comic, though it's not THE seminal comic that it is for some people, to me. I love Sandman and Lucifer and a few others much more. But I was both terrified of them screwing it up, and excited to see it.

I had quibbles, of course. But overall - I thought it was a very solid adaptation of a VERY hard to film book. JDM was pretty damned amazing as The Comedian. And Rorschach was spot-on perfect. I wished we could have seen more of Sally Jupiter, and I found Silk Specter II bland. Nightowl II was bland too, but Dan's supposed to be, and Patrick Wilson did a good job. I was iffy on Matthew Goode as Ozymandias, going in, but he sold me on it.

The soundtrack was amazing and ironic, the opening credits are awesome. The look of the movie was fantastic, and the changes they made translated very well.

My main quibbles was all the fighting. The Costumed Heroes were too ass-kicky - they came off as looking superhuman, which is against the point of the book in many ways. There were a few other little things - but overall, it was a good job, and I'm sure die-hard fans of the comic will have fits over one detail or another, but I enjoyed it. The parts that were supposed to be horrific really DID feel horrible. A lot of the dark humor translated. (Rorschach and Nightowl II in Archie on the way to Antarctica was hysterical.)

So yeah. Thumbs up.
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