Age of the Geek, Baby (lorax) wrote,
Age of the Geek, Baby

As part of my ongoing LJ makeover, most past entries have been privated, with the exception of my fic and a few other things, all of which should now be correctly tagged as fic, at least. Making sure they're all done by fandom too is next on the list.

Also as part of said makeover, I did an flist cut and filter makeover and such, as well as redoing my tags. As always, my friending policy is loose and grudge-free. Feel free to friend or defriend at all. For the most part I cut journals that looked dead and people I've lost contact with over the years, as well as the old journals of a few people who have since moved to new journals. A few of them hurt to take off, but since we haven't spoken in a long time and have moved into separate spaces, it seemed appropriate.

Still to Do:
Find new layout I like. (Might possibly have found one, still wibbling)
Tag Fic by Fandom
Post remaining unposted fic here and to archive.
Possible Rename (Which means possibly new gmail to go with it, and getting names changed on various archives which is workful.)
Redo Icons (Ongoing)
Redo Profile
Set up IJ journal to really mirror and try to friend people over there too.
Tags: friends and flist, making lists

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