Age of the Geek, Baby (lorax) wrote,
Age of the Geek, Baby

I never post here, do I? I want to change that. But I think I need a change. I changed my LJ layout to one of the regular ones, and it's nice, but I think I want a new custom layout, if I can find one I like. And maybe get a rename token and change my LJ name, go back and f-lock all my old entries but my fic, all new icons - just like a fresh start or something. I don't know why. It's just an urge. Of course it's dependent on finding a layout I really dig and thinking of a good rename anyway. I've been sullensiren for forever. Funny when it's not a name that I originally picked for myself. Changing is an odd sort of whim, but I think I'm just in a mood and that's something easy and immediate I can change. (Of course when I really think about what a pain in the ass changing everything would be, I may change my mind.)


So yeah, I'll be working on that I think. And I'm going to try to post more often. I still need to get up my challenge fics from Christmas time - whoa am I behind - and I think I want to redo all my tags and filters and such. . . . some people spring clean, I LJ clean apparently. Maybe set it up so that the mirror of this journal over at IJ is actually working too.

On the fannish front, I'm finally watching the third season of Friday Night Lights as it airs, and it's fantastic so far. I'm loving the Smash storyline, and his time with Coach. I loved how Eric made the college coach notice him, and Brian's giddiness at getting in. I love that we've seen a little more of Matt and Landry's friendship show itself again, and I continue to love Landry. Tyra's making some bad choices, but I can't help but love her still anyway, and root for her. (Also - Tyra honey, you are AMAZINGLY hot - that cowboy is not that hot. If you want to find a hot cowboy, you could so do better.) Tami against the schoolboard for the Jumbotron has really made me just feel how utterly frustrating it must be to fight for school over football in that town. Tim and Lyla. . . eh. I'm still not that invested in them as a couple, but I love Tim, and I've found myself liking Lyla better so far this season. And Julie is back to bearable levels of brattiness and oh god does Matt break my heart. The scene where Coach told him that he was still starting, but he was sharing the spotlight with the new quarter back, and the look on his face - poor baby. I just want to smish him. I continue to not care much about Jason being a baby-daddy, and really didn't even notice how little of him there's been this season until tonight. Which I guess is poignant in its own way and telling of how he was this major, immortal figure in Dillon, and then he was the fallen hero - and now he's just sort of faded from everyone's awareness. But yeah, my show is back in awesome form, and I'm glad.

I'm a few episodes behind on SPN, and waaay behind on Battlestar. I pretty much gave up on Heroes 'cause we were missing episodes, so I figure I'll just watch on DVD eventually. Leverage is my new fandom happy place. (Alex/Eliot! Alex/Parker/Eliot! Parker/Alec!) I love all the characters and their interactions with each other. The only thing I'm relatively uninterested in is the Nate/Sophie romance angle. Which I don't hate or anything, it just doesn't really catch my interest. The heists are fun and interesting, and it's just a fun show overall. Psych is also killing me with the funny this season. And I've really enjoyed the first few episodes of Lie to Me, too.

I still want to watch Merlin, since so many of my flist have fallen to its charms and it sounds right up my alley.

I feel like I'm in a dry spell, writing wise. I want to forge ahead on original stuff still, but I feel like I want a new fannish project - something with a deadline. The various Big Bangs have been calling to me lately, but I ignored them. So far. A Leverage one may suck me into trying the fandom though. I suck with the Oceans' fandom, but the pacing of Leverage is different so I think I might manage that better. . . we'll see.

And I think I'll wander off to read now.
Tags: fandom - leverage, meta - writing

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