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I actually wrote this entry last night and forgot to post it. I'm smart.

I am currently in New Jersey, where we're parked for a coupla days. The trip has been fun, so far. A little on the stressful side - it's never easy to work road trips around my stupid, uncooperative head. But we've managed pretty well. We stopped in Helen, Georgia, which was very quaint and pretty and fun. And then spent a couple of days in Asheville, NC, near the Biltmore mansion, which was very cool, but we ended up in a hotel that was more expensive than anticipated, and vowed to try to stay more cheaply the rest of the time.

And then got to Jersey and found the hotel we'd booked to stay in was tiny, dark, had a creepy guy behind the desk, and the door to the room - which was admittedly nice enough - didn't lock right. We went to go visit my aunt and the guy said he'd fix the door, but my mom didn't like the place. So we ended up at a Hilton, which is, again, too expensive. But mom has gotten to the phase where she's just like "pfft, it's only money!" This is a dangerous stage, as this is the time when we could probably ask for just about anything and she'd just say okay, so we have to have self-discipline. I'm trying. But I am in animal withdrawal being away from home, and there is an animal shelter NOT FAR AWAY, and the hotels we stayed at on the way were mostly pet friendly.

It would not go over well if I came home with a puppy, ya'll.

I did get to meet and play with my aunt's bulldog last night. He's a tank and a spoiled brat and drools everywhere and is completely cute, even if he did keep trying to hump me. (My Aunt: "Oh, he hasn't done that in ages. He must *really* like you!" Me: Gee. Thanks. Like me less.) The fact that my very reserved, clean-freak aunt has a drooling bulldog - after a lifetime of refusing to have pets - named Stewie that she loves, lets on the furniture, and sleeps in her bed with her will probably never stop being funny.

So, I'm mostly camping out in the hotel today, trying to write and chill out from migraines. We're going out to dinner with the family in a bit, but we're meeting them at Ruby Tuesdays, which is right outside the door from the hotel.

Hotel room to myself, yay! There has been a lot of social interaction for me lately. My hermiting tendencies do not permit this! Hotel room alone=awesome.

So I'll go back to trying to write and not getting anything done writing now. I'll leave you with links I stumbled on that are making me smile. Also the hotel has a tiny store downstairs, and everything is ridiculously overpriced, but they have this vegan-friendly, wheat-free trail mix type stuff that's called Cran-Blueberry Crunch, and it is SO YUMMY. I want to like, order the stuff in bulk.

LoL Cat.


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