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I can't believe it's the holidays already, still

Okay, I always mean to do this and never do, so I'm going to this year. Christmas pressies for friends may be in short supply this year, due to fundage, but I want to send stuff out. SO, if you would like to get a holiday card/postcard/something from me, then just comment and leave me your name and addy. Comments are screened!

Also, in a shamelessly selfish ploy - if anyone wants to download and send me the new BBC Merlin with Anthony Stewart Head, or the new season of Friday Night Lights, then I'll love you forever. (I can watch the latter when it comes to network TV. . . I'm just impatient.)

I am up to date on SPN now. I think I'll go and catch up on Dexter or SCC.
Tags: friends and flist, holidays

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