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I'm always late to the party!

yuletide! Yuletideyuletideyuletide! Yay. Also, I grabbed my rs_small_gifts prompt, and have that underway. And nano is. . . well, it's under word count, but not ridiculously so - so that's good, right? I don't suck as hard as I thought I would be by now?

As per usual, my yuletide assignment is utterly NOT what I expected, but I think it's very doable. I'll review my canon this weekend. And before I forget to do one, I shall do my letter.

Also - dear new and persistent character muses/fic bunnies - shut up until January. Thank you.

Dear Yuletide Goat/Santa/Writer,

Hello! Thank you so much for writing me a story - I'll love whatever you do, so don't sweat the details too much. I'm a pretty easy sell on fandoms I love, and my choices were all fandoms where even if I didn't get the specifics I asked for, it's a pretty good guarantee that I'll dig most anything written. So yes - above all, please yourself. Write something YOU enjoy writing and would like to read, and chances are I'll enjoy it too.

That said, if you want to know more about me, you can get a pretty good idea of the sorts of things I like from my fic, as I tend to write the sorts of things I like. In general - I like banter. I like wit and wittiness. I like friends being friends, boys being boys, UST, gen, and smut. I like plotty fic, and I like romance. I LOVE plans gone wrong. I like angst and pining, misunderstandings. I like when things are believably in-character, but I like some silliness and crack too. I like kickass girls and angry boys. I like comedy, and I like seriousness. I like when the bad guys are still bad guys, but human ones, and I like when the good guys show their flaws. I have a fondness for first kisses, for clueless! boys and the boys who want them. I like when canon relationships are treated with respect, even when the characters are being written with someone else. Mild kink and smutty fun is all good - so is strictly "g" ratings.

I don't like mpreg, bitchifying girls for the sake of getting their boys together, the idea that just because someone is in love with someone else, that means they weren't really in love before - people can love in different ways, and more than once. Fluff or angst just for the sake of it - as in forcing saccharine happy endings, or emo angst. If angst or fluff is natural for the story, then I have no problem with it - I just don't want it forced or heaped on. Extreme kink, non-con, watersports, etc - I'd rather not.

For specifics for this sign up. . .
Across the Universe
Max/Jude! Wistful Max-pines-while-Lucy-and-Jude-hook up fic, or fic set after the movie with the two of them. Or even just friendship fic and the two of them getting into trouble. Bonus points for Beatles references snuck in, like the movie had. No Lucy-bashing for the sake of getting the boys together, please! I like her too!
I can't watch this movie without getting the Max/Jude vibe. Seriously. I tend to see it more as Max pining for Jude, and would be perfectly happy with just him on the outside. Also, I love pretty much all of the characters in the movie, but am especially fond of Prudence, and Sadie - so if you want to include anyone else, go for it.

The History Boys
Movie or play canon is fine! I'd love Dakin/Scripps, or Posner/Scripps, or Irwin/Dakin. Or gen, or some combination I hadn't thought of - I'm really pretty damn easy for this fandom. I'd prefer set after the close of the book/movie, but any time period is fine. I'd love to see them remembering the history and poetry they learned, see how they fit into the lives they carved and how they feel about it. Having a bit of Tottie around too is always fantastic - I adore her.
As I said, movie or play is fine - I've read the play, seen the movie, love 'em both. Scripps is my favorite, so anything Scripps-centric, you can't go wrong with. Really I don't have anything more specific than that. Have fun with it is pretty much my only requirement.

Raymond E Feist - The Riftwar Saga
My favorite series of books growing up, and the first fantasy I ever read. I've NEVER seen fic for this, and even though I didn't select "any" - really, I'll be fine with just about anything. Arutha and Jimmy were always my favorite, and I'd prefer something set in The King's Buccaneer or before, as the later novels I never got a chance to read. My slashy self would love some nice Jimmy/Locklear - but again, so not picky on details!
This is the one thing I've asked for every Yuletide and have yet to get. I haven't read a lot of the books published later on, but if you want to include some canon for them, I'm not fussed for spoilers! I love Arutha and Jimmy's friendship, so anything gen with them is good. Or one sided UST on Jimmy's side. Set within the actual riftwar, or the events through Sethanon or just after would be my preference. Young!Jimmy The Hand getting on in Krondor before Arutha returns to make him Squire James! The time between Silverthorn and Sethanon, when James settles in to being a Squire and Arutha to being Prince. . . Jimmy and Locklear getting into scrapes together. . . or if you want different characters, Calis, or Nicholas or Nakor or Pug or Thomas, Boris and Erland (The twins. If twincest is something you love to write and want to go for, then go for it) . . . I will seriously love just about ANYTHING you give me here, so don't be fussed for details! I've never seen fic for this series, so you can't go wrong, I promise.

The Young Riders
My favorite show growing up, and something I still adore to this day. I love Buck/Ike, but really, I'm open to anything other than Kid/Lou. I love all the characters, so I'd love anything you came up with.
Really. Anything that isn't Kid/Lou, because I was bored by them by the end. Teaspoon being awesome! Emma! Jimmy and Cody irritating each other! Buck trying to reconcile the two worlds he's lived in. Anywhere your heart moves you, go for it. I love them all just being friends and hanging out, or going on rides - so wherever you want to take it, it's fine by me.

So that concludes my letter. Again, thank you for writing for me!
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