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Yay Remix!

remixredux08 has lifted the veil, so we can now reveal what we wrote! Yay! My remixer isn't revealed yet, but I can tell you what I wrote.

My original assignment was to write for maharetr, and I remixed her story Ripping Out All Our Epilogues, into The Winding Roads Remix. The original story is a lovely AU wherein the SPN boys have to part with the Impala after the hostage situation at the bank. As I read through her work, this story kept coming back to me, and the idea to twist it around, and tell it from the Impala's POV. I dismissed the idea as unworkable, but it kept coming back, so eventually - that's what I did. And it took on a little life of it's own, as the little cameo at the end was entirely unplanned. She just snuck right in there. But I'm very pleased with how it came out, overall!

I also picked up a Pinch Hit, and remixed xylodemon's Weasleys Wizard Wheezes: The Spring 2006 Edition into the Liability Remix. Now this. . . I've read xylodemon for a while now. Her Marauders stuff is fantastic. She KNOWS these characters and writes some heartbreakingly beautiful, starkly real stuff that makes me all achey. And when I was asked to Pinch Hit for her, I went right to those, because I LOVE them. And yet. . . there was this little catalogue of Weasley products, winking at me. And as soon as I saw it, I immediately went "Percy's notes". And though I tried to do something else - it was no go. That was what I was doing.

So first I just wrote out Percy's notes, in text, and then I tried to figure out if the funny of them held up without the visual aid of the catalogue right beside it. I thought it lost a lot of the punch without it, so then I tried to recreate the catalogue's formatting and such. Which didn't work so well as it made inserting the notes awkward.

All the while I'd been talking to maleficently - who did the art elements of Map of the Problematique for me, and is amazing - and she started figuring out how to do it via screencaps of the original, and photoshopped "notes" from Percy.

I went back over my original text, added some notes and the like, and then she whipped it up. It turned out fantastic looking, but I was honestly a bit worried that it had too much of the original and not enough of the Remix. (The text itself, when added up, is well over the minimum word count, it just doesn't look it.) So I was sort of nervous about posting it, though I thought the funny came through much, much better like that.

However it got an incredibly unexpected and positive response, so I guess it was okay! It was a lot of fun to do, so I'm glad people enjoyed it.

Overall, this Remix was the easiest I've done so far. Every other remix I've started over at least once, sometimes switched sources, and fretted myself to death. Both of these came right at me, and sort of wrote themselves, which is a lovely feeling.

I'll be reposting them both here in the near future, and of course over at dream_country at IJ, which is my shiny, organized fic archive. I need to go through all the past remix archives and pull out the stories written for mine, so I can link back to them there, on the original. Note to self: Do that.

As always, musesfool and her shiny helper laurificus did an amazing job running this challenge. It's my second favorite challenge, right after yuletide, so I was looking forward to it!

And now I go answer comments!
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