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"Do not Open. Buy New Freezer."

*points to subject line* A note, duct taped to the freezer after dad spent an inordinate amount of time packing too much stuff into it

Remix! Yay! Sign up! remixredux is my second favorite fic challenge, and is only slightly edged out by yuletide. Plus musesfool runs remix, and she's ten kinds of awesome and my favorite fic-rec and new fandom rec source. So. Yay! You have to have at least five stories over 500 words, but read the rules and you'll see what it is, they're very clear.

I have been incredibly lax in posting fic to this journal. I've been working on things, but a lot of it I haven't felt was high enough quality to post. And I DID have several things posted in various challenges, but never reposted here, so I shall do that shortly, plus put them up in my skyehawke account.

But for the record, for the takethehouse fic exchange, I wrote: Heffolumps. Which I was never really happy with, but it was all I could manage at the time.

For the xmmficathon fic exchange, I wrote: Orbicular. Which I thought came out pretty good, and seemed to get a decent response - even though it wasn't quite what the requester asked for, doh.

And for yuletide, I wrote one assigned story and two pinch hits. The pinch hits were for the same person, even. What happened was I grabbed the pinch hit, then couldn't decide which I'd rather do, and ended up doing one, then being stuck in a doctor's office, not wanting to try to finish that one when I didn't have it with me to double check what I'd already written, and writing most of the other one. So for yuletide I wrote:
Passing Time - This was for the Dark Angel fandom, and was my assigned story. It came out well, I thought. My poor beta had a hard time because there's barely any dialogue in this, but I still tried to use the language of the show a little, which made it flow oddly. But she really did help beat it into a better story. And there's a stray beta-comment left in there too, durnit.

Happy Families - This was for the Lucifer fandom, and was the first one I started for its recipient. I like how it came out, and it felt like a success, particularly for a first jaunt into the fandom.

With Tremulous Cadence - For the Mirrormask fandom. Both of these last two stories were the ONLY story for their fandom, and I think I benefited, feedback-wise, from that. But everyone was incredibly kind about them. I was really rather proud of this one. I thought the timing came out nice and the juggling was a nice backdrop. I just liked how it came out, which is rare for me.

So yes. I'll be reposting those here at some point, and putting them up in my Skyehawke shortly.

I was going to babble about TV and fic and such here, but I lost the thread somewhere in the . . . five hours I've had this window open. So I think I'll just post and then trot off to the other room to watch the new Heroes and BSG.

On two final notes - to those of you who have also seen the pictures of Daniel Radcliff, almost naked with a horse - were you as deeply disturbed as I was? They tried to make him look cut, but he mostly just looked like a too-skinny teenage kid who needs a sammich and a shirt, stat.

And to everyone who commented on my last post about Wayne, thank you. I wasn't really in a good place to answer each comment, and trying to now still makes me sniffly, so I'll just give a general thank you. I appreciate the thoughts and hugs.
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