September 28th, 2011

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So after much fucking around with things, I had pretty much settled on diigo, and then read this and even though the vast majority of my bookmarks are private anyway (I use it more as a PERSONAL bookmark archive, not as a social one), I decided to hell with that, and ponied up the cash for pinboard. So I'm at lorax, for the interested, and am working on getting stuff organized and figuring out how things work. I like having an add-on for delicious, so I'll miss that, but the site seems smooth and speedy, which is nice.

If Avos/Delicious have given any response to the criticism, I have yet to see it, which I think is probably a bad sign. (There was a pretty broad and definite DO NOT WANT response, it happened on a weekday, not a weekend like some past fandom kerfluffles which explained the time it took to be addressed at all, at least in part. So I think there should have been some very public response of SOME kind by now.) All I've seen so far is a laughably back-patty post about how they've had so much feedback! And people were making stacks! I BET they've had feedback, man.

There's some things I can't figure out how to do on pinboard yet. (Like delete an entire tag all at once, since delicious randomly added some has: tags to a bunch of stuff.) But so far I think I'm pretty happy with it. And the siteowner is fandom friendly - actively trying to entice fic writers over and looking at suggestions fandomers are making, specifically. (There's a post here with a googledoc linked with suggestions, for the interested. Also the migration googledoc, which I am too afraid of messing up to edit. And the most comprehensive link round up I've seen so far is here, from [personal profile] somnolentblue.) I don't really mind the one time fee, but I hesitated initially because it was a BLIND fee, as in no free trial first. But it seems well worth it to me, so far.

I'll keep reading around and watching for developments, but I think even if delicious rights themselves, I'll stick at pinboard and possibly just backup to delicious.

Completely unrelated to the delicious shenanigans, but is anyone up for a Beta read on an X-Men: First Class fic? Charles/Erik, non-explicit.

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