August 24th, 2011

Buffy/Angel:  Faith "Crackle of Static"

Meme Again

30 days of fanfic
6 – When you write, do you prefer writing male or female characters?
My slashy tendencies mean that the stories and relationships I'm most drawn to are usually men. But I ENJOY writing both, and in a lot of fandoms, my default character is a female first. (Faith in Buffyverse, River in Firefly, Carolyn in Vampire Diaries.) I've been in RP land long enough that I sort of instinctively wince whenever someone has a strong preference for a single gender, or an outright refusal to write one or the other. (In RP, you run into a lot of people who only play females.) Which isn't fair, but it's automatic.

I think in the end I fall into character trope patterns in which ones I connect with and am interested in - as in I like certain types - more than favoring one gender over another, in fic. But the fact that I write largely slash skews my numbers in favor of writing guys over girls. I often LIKE het pairings in shows and fandoms, but I don't feel as creative for them because generally, those are already shown or at least teased within the text and exist as a canon narrative option more than the slash and femmeslash do, so I gravitate toward the things my shows/books/movies won't show me.

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I am having a very strange day. Not bad, just bizarre. Like I've lost track of the odd conversations I've had with my sister and dad at this point. Dad just walked out here, waved a pickle jar and a plastic fork and told me, very seriously, never to try to get the last pickle out of the jar with a plastic fork, and then walked back out. This is the level of odd I'm at.

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