April 28th, 2011

Disney:  Stitch "One Of Those Days"

My Dad is Never Boring

Doing the little A03 hitcount meme, mostly because I was kind of super surprised by the results. I figured the tops would be the stories from last year/this year's Yuletide, and Remix given those are the ones that only went up on the archive.

1. 1287 Hits: Survival By Eliot (The Eliot Spencer Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse) [Which amuses me because the accompanying website all links to the LJ entry where the story is, not to the archive, so it's just strange. Leverage Story.)
2. 764 Hits: Jungle Favour Go With Thee (Yuletide 09 Jungle Book Story)
3. 532 Hits: And End With A Song (Lucifer Yuletide story, but was first posted at the old archive)
4. 488 Hits: A Year of Women (Yuletide '10 Jurassic Park Story)
5. 386 Hits: We Only Blink (Yuletide 09 Dead Poets Story)
6. 384 Hits: Interstate Love Song ('10 Vampire Diaries Yuletide Story)
7. 247 Hits: On The Departure Platform (The Remebrall Remix) [Remix '10, HP story.]
8. 239 Hits: Inhabits Common Clay (Weasleyfest '09 Story, HP. I suspect this one gets clicked on a lot just because people are WTFing at the pairings list)
9. 236 Hits: Natural Succession (Yuletide Madness '10, Kings Story)
10. 231 Hits: A Bottle a Day (Yuletide Fantastic Four Story)

Also, have a random Dad story.

Dad is home this week, and not working, and thus is working on cleaning the house. Part of that was moving a bookcase, wherein we found the Cache Of Shit The Cats Stole, and a bunch of stuff that had randomly fallen behind there.

Dad comes out with his old flashlight, and goes "do you remember this? Did we always have to jack it off to get it to work?"

I stare at him blankly for a moment, trying to figure out if I heard wrong, or if there's some meaning I'm not getting, when he demonstrates by wildly making a very emphatic jacking off motion with the flashlight.

I start cracking up, and I'm like "No, I don't even REMEMBER that flashlight" and he's like "It's true! You have to do this, or it doesn't work!" and then he pantomimed it AGAIN. In case I hadn't gotten it the first time.

So now I can't look at a flashlight without starting to cackle like a madwoman.

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