February 23rd, 2011

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Games R Us

Firstly, my amazing Avatar comic was written/drawn by [personal profile] vi/invocations. And everyone should still go read it, because it is fabulous.

Awesome ladies will be posted soon to finish up. I am so lazy, I have it written up and have for forever, but actually putting in the pics is apparently beyond me? That's just sad.

I'm mostly caught up on TeeVee (I think I have a White Collar, and I managed to miss last week's Vampire Diaries when it aired, so I have to download that.) I gave up on Supernatural. We got all out of order on the DVR anyway, so I'll just wait and watch when it hits DVD. Maybe. I'm one ep behind on Fringe, and umm. . . . I forget what else.

I've actually not been as TV oriented as usual lately, because my fannish interests have been elsewhere. I've been into my RP games, which are fabulous, and playing video games when I'm not RPing/doing work type stuff.

Mostly, I've been playing Dragon Age: Origins. Collapse )

So yeah, yay video games! Dragon Age II's demo dropped, but it is a ginormous file, so I will probably never be able to download it. Heh. I'll have to wait until release. I'm not even halfway through Origins though, so probably no reason to rush anyway.

Today is RP tagging, chores, editing, and hoping this damn lingering case of cold/sick/blech goes away before it turns into real sickness.

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