January 12th, 2011

SCC:  Derek "War Won"


So today is my actual birthday, and I am old, y'all. We did the celebration thing over the weekend though, and I got a new Ipod touch, because my old Classic was dying, and a new graphics card for my desktop, so I can play silly games that I can't play on my Mac. So yay. My dad has to take my desktop to techie types to put the vid card in, because he doesn't want to, and I don't to do it. (Technically adept I am not.) He might have them toss in some more RAM or something, but he says otherwise it can still run the games I wanna play, so we shall see. And the wifey sent me a gift card. Thank you wifey. And thanks to everyone else who sent birthday wishes. *squishes everyone*

There is a cake I'm not supposed to know about tonight, I think, but that's all. Everyone forgot that it's my actual birthday today until after they left, so I got two texts and two calls to tell me after they all left, heh.

I watched the first seasons of How I Met Your Mother, and Big Bang Theory over the last couple of nights. (In between wine and brownie-cake and such. So I was a little wheeee.) You know what my main observation is after watching them? I fucking hate laugh tracks. Seriously, they're like a bizarre hold over from television past that doesn't make any damn sense now. Someone laughing doesn't make me want to laugh any more than if there wasn't a laugh track. It does not make the jokes funnier, and it makes the unfunny jokes stand out more as unfunny because there's hyena laughing going on for no damn reason. Blech. (I don't watch many sitcoms, so it stands out like a sore thumb for me.)

But yeah, other than that so far I enjoyed both shows, but liked How I Met Your Mother more. I put the rest of them on the Netflix, so I'll watch more before forming a final opinion. So far though, my favorite bits were Collapse )

I think I'll do more ladies now! I'm going to do Fantasy/Horror ladies today, and dump them together since vampire-type stories are pretty much fantasy too, just horrory fantasy.

Collapse )

I have been typing this all damn night, so I go sleep now and tomorrow I will fix the horrific typos that are inevitably all over this post.

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