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Misc:  DW Sheep


Did I Make Me Up, Or Make the Face 'til It Stuck?

I Do The Best Imitation of Myself.

Buffy/Angel:  Buffy "Big Moments"

Zen. I am Zen.

I have watched the last two episodes of Glee. . .

God, show.Collapse )

I've also finally started watching my way through the first season of Fringe. It's one of those things I knew I hadn't given enough of a shot, and I've seen a couple of minutes of episodes this season, and was interested, so I started from the beginning. I can't say I'm getting fannish about it yet, but I am enjoying it. I think my very large soft spot for Joshua Jackson helps, though. I also really like Oliva so far.

E.T.A. Does anyone know of any good custom mood theme resources? I don't really like the default choices on DW, and want to upload something else, if I can figure out how.

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