August 14th, 2009

Leverage:  A/H "With Him" Ani

Pics & Fics & Something else that rhymes

For anyone on my flist who is a Harry Potter RPer, and is not yet at Wished, then go apply. It's a fun time so far. We could use a Percy, some more muggleborns, some evil, and lots of other stuffs.

Reveals for weasley_fest went live, so I can now say that I wrote Inhabits Common Clay. Collapse )

I'll be posting that, along with my Remix Fic over on my fic archive in the next few days.

I also apparently won Best Comedy or Parody Fic over at The Hourglass Awards which is awesome. I got a shiny banner and everything.

Hourglass Awards

So that's very nifty, and I'm continually tickled at the reception that fic has gotten.

I had some more to say, but I forget it. So I leave you with some animal pictures. They are big because I still have no real photo editing software on the Mac that I know how to use, and I couldn't be bothered to use photobucket's editor to resize them all. So click at your peril!

Diego is a girl, and is getting big.

But is still adorable.

Pyro says his cute is not to be outdone though.

Sam is lazy and doesn't care who is cutest.

Dean just wants to know why he always has to share his basket.

Diego says it's because she's cutest. She's kind of cocky.

Collapse )