June 14th, 2009

Leverage:  Alec "Geek at Work"

Remix Yay! Dear Remixer. . .

Remix assignments have gone out, and I am very pleased with mine and have a few ideas of what I might due that I will ruminate more on in the coming days.

And for the obligatory note:

Dear Remixer,
You can find all of my fic under the fic tag on this journal, but it's all better organized over on my fic journal on IJ. There isn't a ton of new stuff to work with because I haven't written a lot of fic lately, but hopefully you'll find enough in our matching fandom to work with. I have no safe story, so everything is fair game save for the stories that are already remixes. Write whatever moves you, and feel free to do whatever you like with the original!

Have fun writing!
- Dena

Not at all related, but I apparently have a pair of nominations over at The Hourglass Awards for my Weasley Products remix from last year, and for my older fic Dusk of Rooms, so yay. Both noms got me some new comments and readers, which is always a nice ego boost!

And my new project continues to be alive and well in my brain. I haven't gotten much more of a wordcount, but I got a lot of outlining, character profiles, and worldbuilding done.

I started watching Big Love, while I waited for West Wing. It's interesting. The girl who plays Samara from The Ring is in it, and I don't think she's capable of being NOT creepy, which amuses me. I started to watch the second season of The Tudors, at first, but the first disc is all screwed up so I have to wait and replace it. Technology DEFIES me. Natalie Dormer is so pretty though.

Vaguely related - I watched The Other Boleyn Girl on HBO the other day. Man, did that suck. I just never like Natalie Portman. I feel like I should read the book now, 'cause it's supposed to be so much better. Ohohoh. And I was forced to watch a movie with my mom and sister the other day and they put on He's Just Not That Into You. It was like two hours of torture. Seriously. Just awful. The characters were ALL unlikable, the humor lacked any kind of funny. Even the fact that I find Justin Long adorable and usually like Ginnifer Goodwin couldn't save it at all. I found Jennifer Aniston's character the only one approaching tolerable in the whole thing, really. Ugh. It was almost as bad as The Jane Austen Book Club, which made me want to hang myself, despite Kevin Zegers being insanely pretty for five minutes in it.

Why do "chick flicks" have to suck? Why can't they be clever, funny, relevant AND have women leads?

I think I'll go find something to watch now. But Yay Remix!