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Misc:  DW Sheep


Did I Make Me Up, Or Make the Face 'til It Stuck?

I Do The Best Imitation of Myself.

Misc:  DW Sheep

Fic, Snakes, and Squeeing


Boston here I come. Well New Jersey here I come, and then Boston. Tim, I'll blow the Boston streets a kiss for you and tell them you miss 'em.

In other news, packing sucks. So does laundry.

Yesterday there was a snake.

I cannot possibly explain to you the depths of my snake terrors. I hate snakes. Snakes fill me with deep and inexplicable fear. Rats, spiders, roaches, creepy crawlies, vampires, Frankenstein, George Bush - give me all the nasties in the world, but one snake and I scream and run for my daddy. Which would be cute if I was younger, but is pretty sad as it is.

Not that I care. Because ohmyfuckinggodtherewasafuckingsnake!!!

I have refused to go to the area where the snake was unless I absolutely have to, and even then I prefer an escort. I put the dogs on snake-watch alert, but since my dogs are collectively about as useful in the defensive sense as cottage cheese, they were impressively unhelpful. Our massive great dane was terrified of a watermelon - the odds of her bravely defending me from the anaconda in the back are dubious at best. (It COULD be an anaconda. You don' t know for sure. Shut up maleficently.)

I leave with fic, because I finished it so I might as well post it. Please note that I wanted the words "mentor" and "mrs." to be in Chinese, but couldn't find it, so left it. If I find out later, I'll edit it in.



Boston. Wheee! No snakes in Boston, right? Can I move in?

E.T.A.: Chinese added in because Jolene is my goddess of translation. shieldkitten rocks! *Hugs Jolene*

E.A.T.A.: I shouldn't be allowed to post things without showing musesfool first. Thank you, Vic.

Title: Rivers Unran
Author: SullenSiren (adena(at)direcway(dot)com)
Fandom: Firefly
Characters: Rivercentric, Inara appearance
Summary: Five ways the waters could have run, but didn't.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: The Firefly 'verse, sadly, does not belong to me. I make no money from this, and own nothing worth suing over.
Feedback: Is shiny!
Author's Notes: One of several WiP's in the "Five Things" Format. This was very nearly a "Four things" and then it suddenly wanted to be a "Six Things", but in the end we discussed the matter and decided to stay with five.

It wasn't a bad life.Collapse )