October 29th, 2005

Misc:  DW Sheep

I wish they would cast Zoe as Wonder Woman . . .

The first of two Firefly stories I have done. I also have my Snackfood is Love Challenge story almost done. (It may be up a day past deadline if I end up having to actually go somewhere all day today.) And I'm not posting them yet, but I have 18 of my fanfic100 stories done. Go me!

Title: "Wait my Dissolution"
Author: Sullen Siren (adena(at)direcway(dot)com)
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing/Characters: River, Simon
Summary: Simon receives a copy of the surveillance videos made during River's counseling sessions at the Academy. (The Session 416 tapes)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one from the Firefly 'verse, and am deeply bitter about that. I'm not making any money from this, either.
Feedback: Would be shiny!
Note: Title from Henry King's "The Exequy". This was a bunny planted by aliaspiral ages ago. She already did one on this concept that is far better, but I wanted to finish this anyway. Spoilers for the River Tam Sessions, but none for the movie. Set pre-movie, post-series. Thanks to oraclejenn for an initial read-through to see if it was coherent. Unbetaed beyond that. I apologize for any mistakes.

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Misc:  DW Sheep

It's sort of strange how Mal gets hotter every time you watch Firefly. . . .

The vet came today and floated the horses' teeth, only it turned out the one I thought really needed it didn't need it at all and the one I thought was fine needed it.

I need to study up on teeth, apparently.

Countdown to Boston: 7 days. (Till I leave, anyway)
Luggage Unpacked from Ohio Trip: 0
Luggage that needs to be unpacked from Ohio trip: 1
Luggage that will need to be packed for Boston: At Least 1
Day I plan to pack: 5 days
Day I will *actually* pack: 6 and a half days.

I am such a bum.

In other news, I come with offerings of fic. *points below*

The second of the two Firefly stories I had finished. Snackfood Story still almost done. End, damnit, end!

Title: Ain't Our Kind
Author: Sullen Siren (adena(at)direcway(dot)com)
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing/Characters: Kaylee, Mal mentions of Inara/Mal and Simon/Kaylee
Summary: "We're border-born. Grew up working ranches and engines. Wasn't about power or alliances or propriety – was just about surviving. All grew up knowin' if we lived a little better off than our ma and daddy did, we were doing pretty damn well."
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing, sadly. I would really like my own personal Mal. But I don't. I'm just playing with Joss' babies and making no profit from it.
Feedback: Always adored!
Note: Spoilers through the Serenity movie! Thank you to musesfool for the Beta!

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