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Age of the Geek, Baby

Yay Matching!

I finally started The Wire, and spent ten minutes rewinding a scene because the hotness of Idris Elba was distracting. I am so ridiculously shallow. I'm not enthralled by it yet, but I like it.

Crossposting this bit of nonsense just to say that I finally used my bought-a-million-years-ago LJ rename token, to snag lorax, so I now match on DW and LJ!

And Remix sign ups are open! I really wanted to do this year, but I think unless I write a sudden flux of fic this year to open up more options, I'll make this my last year. But 10 years! So everyone go, sign up! (My second favorite challenge of the year!)

I just showed my sister the Avengers trailer, and squeed over it all over again. And the new GoT trailer was awesome, too. And I'm excited for the Hunger Games. Fandom is a good place to be right now.

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