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Another Year Older

Thank you for the birthday wishes! And to lyrstzha for the snowman!

It's kind of funny, the internet remembers your birthday, even when everyone else forgets. (The family remembered it was coming and got me a few little things, but they forgot it was *today* until halfway through the day.) But I choose to believe that MA remembered, and gave me snow, because we had the first real snow I've ever seen today. Everything was all white and pretty and cold. And yes I know everyone is going to say that I'll hate it once I'm stuck in it for a while, but it's new and pretty and I loved it.

And then we went out to dinner, and I had wine, so it was a nice day. I'm going to forgot my annual moaning about being old because nice days are nice. Even if I am totally old.

((Crossposting this one so lyrstzha can see!))

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