Age of the Geek, Baby (lorax) wrote,
Age of the Geek, Baby

~Sticky Notice!~

This journal is not frequently updated. I am active in comments, and read my f-lists, and participate in LJ communities, but my personal journal is housed with Dreamwidth, at [personal profile] lorax. For more information about why I no longer cross-post my entries, please see this post concerning LJ's past security woes. The issues appear to be fixed, but my confidence was shaken and I prefer to avoid LJ because of it. I will continue to cross-post fic entries, and may do so for other entries now and then, but on average my journal will be housed at Dreamwidth only. I was previously "sullensiren" on LJ, and renamed to lorax.

Community maintainers, consider this my age statement (I am well over 21), and my notice of an active journal, if you require that for joining your community. I am here, and this is not an abandoned or sock journal, it's simply not updated. All the other places you can find me are listed below.

Dreamwidth | Fic @ Ao3 | RP | Tumblr | Twitter
** voicessayhello (at) gmail (dot) com **
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