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Almost Moving Time

Yuletide noms aren't yet open, but they put up a list of fandoms that are probably not accepted, and like half of my usual offers and fall back reading are on there. :( I totally get why. (They're all pretty popular.) I think a case can be made for SCC, since there's not a lot of active fandom writing that I've seen, and Dark Angel, both of which I usually have on offer lists, though. Also Dragon Age is on there, but I think since Dragon Age II dropped this year, it SHOULD be able to get in on the first year amnesty clause. The tutorial for how noms will work is up too.

I'm disappointed to see some of my favorites out of the running though. Fringe! Leverage! Narnia! White Collar! Vampire Diaries! I'm not surprised they're out, but I'm sad nonetheless. (I'm a little surprised Sandman isn't out, honestly, though I hope it makes the cut.)

Of the others on my to-possibly-nom list, only one is knocked out, so I'll have to narrow that down to three.

I'm caught up on Vampire Diaries, and this show kills me. The thing that keeps me really, really in love with it is that it continually pulls me back not just with the pretty and the ridiculous storylines, but because it makes me CARE about the characters. I mean, the history in this episode was RIDICULOUS, but I couldn't even care that much. Even the characters I never thought I'd like/give a damn about, I come around on.

Like Matt. I have always found Matt boring, and I still do, but somehow I found myself feeling for him, despite that. I think Jeremy's acted like an ass at times, but I still was heartbroken over him and Anna. (Though really, that's more because I LOVE ANNA than Jeremy at this point.)

And Rebekah. I mean, she was introduced as the fickle blond bitchpire, pretty much, and I was okay with not liking her. She wasn't anything I hadn't seen before, and I wasn't that interested. But with this episode, I was not only interested, I found myself genuinely wanting her to come around, and make FRIENDS with Elena/Caroline/etc, and help them kick Klaus' lying ASS. And I really LOVED that Elena saw herself in Rebekah, and recognized her own flaws in her. And her last scene with Damon, in bed. . . it was a really nice moment on Nina's part as an actress, I think, because it was sweet and sad and felt very true.

I'm over the Stefan drama, I admit. I'm ready for him to either be back on team good guy, or to be a full out villain for next season, but I'm still a sucker for the Salvatore-slash, because I love them hanging out, and Damon knowing him well enough to set things up.

I also like that we're genuinely not sure how bad a guy Mikael IS now, because he didn't kill their mom, and I'm sure he knew Klaus DID, and saw his sister and brother as being in on it, so his relentless quest may be just him trying to right what he saw as a wrong in unleashing the three of them as vampires on the world. (Not that he's a good guy, or I feel for him, but I find him more interesting this way.)

I do wish Bonnie and Caroline weren't so sidelined though. I'm not one who is all EW at the Damon/Stefan/Elena triangle, but I feel like it's getting too much focus this season, and would like more for the rest of the cast to do. And some more time with the girls hanging out doing shit on their own, sans the men. (I think that's another reason I really enjoyed the Rebekah/Elena scenes - it was Elena handling it on her own. Maybe badly, but it was still the two ladies, talking it out.)

And it was nice to see Elijah again. With the Fabio hair. I laughed. Also, Ric's passive aggressive bitchiness to his boyfriend is hilarious to me.

So yeah. If this season ends with Damon and Alaric dealing with Stefan, while Bonnie, Caroline, Rebekah and Elena team up to deal with Klaus, I would be all kinds of okay with that. It won't happen, but it should.

My folks are on their way home from Massachusetts, where they've found a place for us to live! They actually have security deposits down on two places, in case the one they want somehow falls through, but they think it's a pretty done deal. It's got room for me to have my own bedroom and not share with the sister person, and there's two bedrooms, so all my stringent requirements are thus met. Now like, three weeks to finish packing and get set to move. (Just in time for the move, our air conditioner here seems to be busted again. Thank god it's cool out.)

I still have a ton of my Halloween movies I didn't get through, and might still watch a couple, but of the ones I watched, my favorite was Paranormal Activity, which was really well done for what it was, I thought. (Sidenote: I wish there was a sub category at Netflix or something for 'horror movies that don't involve pets', because I saw the preview for Paranormal Activity 2, and there's a doggie, so I totally don't want to watch it. Also a baby, but being me, it was the dog that worried me.) But one thing I really liked about Paranormal Activity was they gave us a viable reason for the "why don't they get the fuck out of the house? question. Granted, were it me I STILL would have gotten out of there instead of trusting that it would follow, since it took time to show up again in the past, but it was at least a reason I bought, within the confines of the movie.

American Horror story - not so much. It's a TRAINWRECK of a show, seriously. They pick up every horror movie cliche, and throw it haphazardly into the show, and it barely ever makes sense. Dylan McDermott only has TWO FACES and they are both hilarious. The show has no logic, and everyone except Connie hams it up so hard. Jessica Lange just CHEWS up the scenery, and it's kind of fun to watch because I think she's enjoying the hell out of it, but the show is just so solidly made up of WTF that it boggles the mind. And not in a good "wow, that's clever" sort of way, but in the "SERIOUSLY?" way.

I'm going to watch the next two eps because [ profile] livelovehump told me to, and Zachary Quinto is in them, but after that I don't know if I can hold out. (Though playing spot-the-guest-stars is fun.)

In other news, I might have watched the first couple of episodes of Make it or Break It. Don't judge me, I like gymnastics movies/shows! There are some things I will just WATCH, regardless, okay?

NaNo goes. . . slowly. Like too slowly to bother posting a word count so far. Meh.

Still crossposting because I'm a creature of habit and don't want to go put a note on my LJ about it, but I still might.

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