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Happy Halloween!

I am testing the new create entries page with this post, and so far it's as awesome as the mock up, and works as promised. I'm going to love the tag browser for posting to my PSL archives.

And if there's any more major updates to the LJ security fail, I'll update my roundup post, but barring any huge news, I think I'm going to let it lie mostly. I was genuinely kind of appalled by it all though, and the dismissive and misleading LJ response, so I may stop crossposting entries there. I'm not going to delete, because too much of my fandom activity and other things are still centralized there, though. I'm not certain though, still deciding, so I'll go ahead and crosspost this entry at least.

The Halloween movie totals of what I've watched so far are:
Scream 4 (SO SILLY, but kind of entertainingly silly.)
Cloverfield (Also silly but entertaining.)
Session 9 (Really, really boring.)
The Others (Which was a rewatch, and I still really liked it.)

Now I'm watching Paranormal Activity, with more on deck. (I have had to alter my list because Netflix instant and my net aren't getting along. Boo.) And then when my sis gets home we're watching the next couple of episodes of American Horror Story, largely so I can talk to livelovehump about it.

The parents are off in Massachusetts, looking for a place for us to move to next month. Apparently there's a lot of places out of power, but their hotel is fine, and really nice, plus they got a free upgrade to a suite with two bathrooms, so they're all thrilled. (Mom was like "after driving that long with your father, a hotel room where I don't have to see him even in the bathroom, is NICE.")

I'm trying to decide whether or not to do NaNo this year. With the move, it seems stupid to do it, but I have a project prepped and ready and I sort of want to, anyway. (I did resist the urge to sign up for any holiday exchanges so far, including rs_small_gifts, despite being tempted. With the move, I vowed to only do Yuletide this year, and just watch the other exchanges for pinch hits, if I had some unexpected time.) Even if I do NaNo though, I think I'll forgo trying to make any of the meet ups this year and just save that for next year.

E.T.A. - And thank you [personal profile] bet, for my spider! <3!

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