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I saw via svmadelyn that the DVD set of Kings is on sale for $8 on amazon! If I can scrounge it up, I'm going to grab a set so I have an official one. For those who haven't watched, this is an excellent, 13 episode series. It's a modern take on the story of biblical David, with Ian McShane as King Silas, Chris Egan as David, and Sebastian Stan as Prince Jack. There is Ian McShane being AWESOME, David being adorably, sincerely likable. Jack being the scorned, closeted heir, and a lot of great performances, awesome writing, and beautiful scenery and direction. It's a short show, but well worth a watch, and everyone should watch it before Yuletide this year so we can have LOTS OF FIC. Go forth! Watch!

I have Halloween candy! Which, since we don't get trick or treaters, is FOR ME, and I'm not even guilty. Because CANDY. *bounces*

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