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I managed to actually DL and watch Captain America. So I have now finally seen all the Avengers lead ups! And can now go browse fic. Heh. But as for Cap, I liked it. I thought it was better than Thor, not as good as the first Iron Man. But I've enjoyed all the Marvel lead up movies, they were pretty solidly good movies. Some better than others and there were things I'd like to have seen but didn't, but overall good. I'm looking forward to the Avengers.

I'm not sure WHY, but I had the impression that Captain America was mostly set in the present day with just a brief flashback intro to the past. I actually liked it a lot better this way, it felt more authentic. Chris was believably earnest and cute. I would have liked more Bucky. I was actually pretty creeped out by the teeny, pre-Cap Steven in the trailers, but it looked a lot better in the movie, even with my copy, and I did like Peggy a lot, too. I have no idea why they had Hugo Weaving in this movie. It's like they didn't DO anything with him except make him a doofy cartoon villain. I did like Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark. (It also amused me, because for the longest time, I always confused Dominic Cooper and Sebastian Stan for the same person. I DID know the difference by now, but it was still funny to me. I don't know why, they don't actually look that much alike.)

But yes, I liked it. My parents were also watching Green Lantern the other day and I saw a few minutes of it and it looked AWFUL. So I don't think I'll be sitting through that one.

Now I can read all the Marvelverse crossovers everyone has been doing! (I might already be shipping Steve/Bucky and Tony/Steve to go along with my existing ships.) I WILL READ ALL THE THINGS. Or some of the things. A sampling of the things. I need some Avengersy icons.

I am watching Merlin now. My heart still ships the hell out of this show.

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