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My laptop is home! Duma, I missed you so much! He is home, and with $1400 worth of repairs that I DID NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR. Extended warranty, you have made yourself completely worthwhile. But he's got a new touchpad, a new battery, and new keyboard. And I think a new processor, possibly. But he's running perfectly and now I can catch up on things I haven't watched due to being ensconced in my room with no TV.

So far, I've caught up on Glee, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Terra Nova, and watched Thor. I enjoyed Thor. It was fun, and looked great, and Sif and the Warriors Three and Heimdall were awesome. (Idris Elba should be in ALL THE THINGS.) It felt really RUSHED though. Like I wanted more Thor knocking around earth as a mortal and hanging with Natalie Portman (who I was actually less annoyed by than usual in this, and kind of liked Jane). I would have liked more Odin and Frigga, too. Loki is my kind of character, and one of my favorite mythological characters anyway, so I expected to love him. I would have liked to see a little more of him being devious too, though. It felt like no one had enough room for me to know them at all in this movie, the plot just rushed right by. But overall, I liked it a lot. I'm looking forward to Avengers, cautiously. (I still need to see Captain America, but then I think I've seen all of the Avengers lead-ins.)

Thor is such an amusing frat boy though. And the female-gaze friendly shirtless scenes were not unwelcome. (I think the reason that got so many fanboys up in arms is that there really wasn't a lot of male-gaze fanservice. Sif was sexy, but she wasn't half naked, Natalie was sensibly dressed that I noticed, etc.)

Glee. . . I don't know. I still love Britt, I still ship Santana/Britt like crazy, but I'm so bored by everything else. And. . . okay, there's been things that annoy me and things that genuinely piss me off, as usual. But the one thing that nags me is something that makes VERY LITTLE SENSE.

I am not a big Coldplay fan. I don't loathe them, there's a couple of songs I like, most of them I'm bored by. (I also now completely associate Coldplay with [personal profile] musesfool's hatred of them, for some reason.) But "Fix You" is one of those songs. It annoys me. Like on every level because the concept of this crying, heartbroken girl that the male singer is going to FIX just IRKS me. And then they give that song to Will, whose tendencies to think he can just fix Emma with his magic healing cock and/or showtunes makes me want to throw things. So I was gritting my teeth through the whole song, which also felt really grafted in as a production number with the kids, anyway. AND YET, I have had that goddamned song stuck in my head for two days now. I AM VEXXED.

But anyway, I think I'm getting to the breaking up with the show point, due to boredom more than rage.

Vampire Diaries. . . oh my god, Caroline made me CRY in her scene with her dad. It was heartbreaking, even if it was kind of gratuitous. And her taking on Damon, god I love her. I was also really happy to see Anna and Vicki back. I don't trust Anna though. And man, this show. I ship ALL OF THE THINGS. But Damon/Ric is pushing all my buttons currently. I remain meh on Jeremy/Bonnie, but since she hasn't been here, I'm going to give them some room to try to sell me. And Katherine! I missed her! Also I find Klaus more entertaining as he gets more emo, which is unsurprising for me, but I miss Elijah and his perfect hair.

Damon's little backsliding incident was at least less prolonged and had less of a body count this time. Or at least a bodycount that stayed dead.

Fringe, I'm entertained, but I really hope they don't drag out the WHERE IS PETER mystery too long. I love Alt!Olivia and Olivia running around. I like Lincoln Lee, I do, so I'm not bothered to see him join the main cast. . . but man, he's gotten more backstory and personal story than we've had for Astrid in three seasons. (I'm glad she's getting out in the field more, but still.) And the first episode there was a moment that BUGGED me. The witnesses that saw the incident were all bunched together except for one, sitting alone on a bench with her head down. It was obvious that something was different with her, and was IN NO WAY something Olivia would NOT have noticed on her own. But they gave it to Lincoln to see, and point out, and she gave him credit for the catch.

It just bothered me. My sister handwaved it by saying it was Olivia testing him to see if he caught it, which I like better, but I doubt that was the actual intention. I loathe when they bring in new characters or explain plot by making existing characters dumber than they should be. (SPN used to do that ALL THE TIME by having Dean not know something he totally would have, just so Sam could explain it to him and thus the audience.) So that made me complain straight off. But I'm enjoying the two universes and the stories still. For my money though, let's have more Olivia and Astrid and bring in Nina again, and less Peter mystery and Lincoln acclimating.

Terra Nova continues to not have enough dinosaurs eating people, and it's terminally dumb in places. But dinosaurs. Gossip Girl is sort of dull this season so far, and last season was way less fun for me, so I may end up giving up that guilty pleasure too, but we'll see. (I am shallow though, Chuck + Puppy made me smile.) I also liked that Dan's mentor selling out his novel and taking credit for it was a fake out, if only because it would have been so cliche. And the episode where he tells people about it looks fun.

Why does Eric constantly get shipped off and not get to be in episodes? Are they working around the actor at school? It's just random and irritating because even when Nate had zip to do for large stretches at a time, he was still AROUND.

I think I'm done rambling for now. I reserve the right to post more coherently later about things from the media blitz.

And there are my way-late-as-usual reactions. Have a meme!

Ganked from pretty much everyone on my CDj flist.
List fifteen (damn it was hard to narrow it down to 15) of your favourite TV shows/Movies/Books/stc and post them here for everyone to guess your favorite character from each. Strike the show out when someone guesses correctly, and put the answer and who guessed it.

1. Avatar: The Last Airbender
2. Battlestar Galactica - Guessed by [personal profile] bansidhe (Starbuck)
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Guessed by [personal profile] banesidhe (Faith)
4. Community
5. Doctor Who - Guessed by [personal profile] banesidhe (Donna)
6. Dragon Age
7. Friday Night Lights
8. Game of Thrones (TV) - Half-Guessed by dreamt (Tyrion, though I had two in mind)
9. Harry Potter
10. The Hunger Games - Guessed by livelovehump (Finnick)
11. Leverage - Guessed by [personal profile] banesidhe (Hardison)
12. Sandman
13. Teen Wolf
14. The Vampire Diaries Guessed by dreamt (Caroline)
15. West Wing - Guessed by [personal profile] banesidhe (CJ)

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