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Most of them are very, very angry.

WTF, Delicious! I knew with a new company there would probably be some changes I grumble about, but it's COMPLETELY unusable, with all the actual attractive features of the site gone. Not to mention any tag with an underscore (_) or slash (/) does not work at all.

I imported all my stuff to Diigo, but they imported in some arcanely bizarre order so nothing is findable. I'm poking at pinboard to see if it's any better but I'd just really like them to fucking fix what they broke. (Is Pinboard pay-only, or am I missing the link for the free sign up, somewhere?) Arrgh. I could just go back to using google bookmarks, but I really didn't like it that much.

Kink Meme maintainers/tag maintainers must be WEEPING right about now.

(Also it's a minimum two weeks before I get my laptop back, and I MISS IT.)

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