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Apocalyptothon entries are live! I haven't had a chance to read mine yet (the archive is being cranky), but I'm excited. It's long and crossover-y and looks fabulous! It's a Supernatural/Veronica Mars crossover, and clocks in at almost 50,000 words looks like. Whee! In a Hand-basket , for anyone wanting to read!

I wrote a Torchwood/Doctor Who story, which was my first foray into the fandom as a writer for it. (Or at least for something I finished/posted. I have a few unfinished stories poking around.)

Title: There is a ghost at the end of the song
Author: Lorax/SullenSiren (voicessayhello(at)gmail(dot)com)
Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Characters: Ianto Jones, Captain Jack Harkness, Owen Harper, Gwen Cooper, Toshiko Sato
Pairing: Ianto/Jack
Summary: The world is ending again, or maybe it already has. Ianto can't tell, and no one else is talking.
Word Count: 5000
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own neither Doctor Who or Torchwood, and would probably be taken severely to task by the show runners of either for my handwavey grasp of science, if they ever knew I was making use of the characters.
Feedback: Would be fantastic and make my day.
Author's Notes: Written for twilightfire, for Apocalyptothon 2011, for the prompt Jack/Ianto, a device brought in by the rift causes/caused the apocalypse. Which it sort of fulfills. Hopefully, this will suit, despite it being most emphatically not what I originally planned to write. Sections headings and title taken from Richard Siken's Anyway.

Fake cut to the A03!

And now a little nattering about writing it. New fandoms are always kind of terrifying, but I kind of had an idea RIGHT AWAY and waded in. There was clock-racing and things blowing up and Ponds! But then I had it about finished. . . and realized it made no fucking sense. Like it didn't fit in the timeline I'd worked it into AT ALL.

So I scrapped it (thought I may go back and try to salvage it, because I liked it, durn it.) And went with this instead, which was a lot more MUTED and I felt like the world ending wasn't as overt as it should be, given the theme of the challenge, but I kind of liked it, nonetheless.

Mostly what I found out was that I really like writing The Doctor. He is so FUN.

So I'm mostly happy with it, and my recipient seemed happy, so overall I'm pleased!

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