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Marvel Always Sucks Me Back In

Thanks to everyone who had kind words after my last post. I know I didn't respond, but I appreciated them.

I'm having a tough time dealing with it, on top of everything else that's happened lately. So instead of trying to be adult and mature about it, I'm reading fanfic and watching silly vids. (ILU Nostalgic Chick.)

I also finally watched X-Men: First Class. Aside from some quibbles and headdesks, I really enjoyed it. I need more Marvel icons, they always pull me back in with new movies anyway.

So. . . anyone want to enable me with some good fic recs? First Class, Sherlock, Merlin, Vampire Diaries, A: tLA, Dragon Age, FNL, and SCC seem to be my flavors of the moment, but I'll take anything. I seem to be liking AU's at the moment, which is odd for me, but there you go.

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