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So I managed to snag a registrations to Pottermore last night. I can't actually get IN yet, and have no idea which beta batch I'll be in for actual site access, but YAY anyway. I'm QuaffleMarauder178, apparently. (Also, I was signing up at the same time as livelovehump, and she got her registration email like an hour before me, so I was sitting there relentlessly refreshing my email like a dork until it came, and spazzing to her in IM.)

I still have no idea what it actually is, but I am excited anyway.

My jumper and the minis went to their new homes yesterday. They're promising to send lots of pictures, so I'll probably put some up eventually. It was hard, but necessary, and I feel at peace about it, if a little sad.

I am less at peace with the state of my various writing projects. Ugh. Dry spell has hit.

Also there is a leaning toward of boxes to be used in packing living in the hallway. Dean (Pictured here before a fluff cycle) just decided he had to get into the box on the bottom and crashed them all down. THANK YOU, CAT.

Oh and I finally watched the BBC Sherlock. Some quibbles aside, I really enjoyed it. Now there's ten million things of fic I need to read since half my flist wrote Sherlock and I couldn't read it at the time.

Is that where it ends, or are they doing another series? *goes to google and find out*

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