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The Boy Who Lived

I have seen Harry Potter. I thought it was good. Not having read the last book recently helped me, I think, because I didn't get as annoyed by things they left out or changed. And some of the changes I actually liked. (Neville/Luna!!!)

I did not cry, though I did get a bit sniffly, but it went by so FAST when Fred died that I didn't have time to.

I thought the music throughout the Hogwarts scenes was kind of awesome, which is a rare thing for me to notice, but I did.

I was not a fan of the casting for Narcissa when it first happened, and she STILL is not physically my mental image of Narcissa, but she was AWESOME anyway. I loved her expression, and her intensity, and how she didn't even rush as she marched her son away.

Needed moar Ron. Most of his moments were quiet ones, where he said something clever and Hermione looked amazed by it. Whereas Hermione got to jump on the dragon and help it get away and all that. So I felt like he should have gotten another moment or two of badassery in there, aside from opening the door to the Chamber, though I was glad he got that.

Emma is never going to be the strongest actress of the three, but I think she has improved a lot, and I thought Dan was pretty strong in this, for most of the movie.

I like how they HANDLED Snape, but I maintain that it's a bit WTF nonetheless. Rickman has played Snape too broadly for me to really take him seriously and feel much at his death, I think. Which isn't really a criticism, since I think it worked having Snape be pretty broad in the early movies, and then as the movies changed tone, he stayed consistent. I also think that the flashback Snape-memory scene reveals didn't work as well for people who hadn't read the book because they had no idea what the reference to Wormtail really was or exactly how that happened or any of the broader Marauder interplay. My sister, who hasn't read them, didn't get that at all and was really confused by the Doe until Harry's last question to Dumbledore about it.

They made Jason Isaacs look really tore up, didn't they?

I was really glad they kept in Narcissa asking Harry about Draco. I think that the rescuing-Draco scene played more as "Goyle is incompetent" then "Goyle is a sadistic bastard." And was that meant to be Zabini with Draco instead of Crabbe? (Or possibly Crabbe was the one being incompetent and Zabini was there instead of Goyle, though I think that's the actor that played Goyle? I found those scenes kind of dark with all the fire backlighting so it was hard for me to be sure.) I was also really glad we got so much McGonagall kicking ass. (I would have liked more Ginny kicking ass, why was she always just standing there?) And Neville got to be bamf! Yay!

The biggest exclusion that bugged me was. . . where was Percy coming back? I get that they never really showed us Percy leaving so much, so it wouldn't have had much impact, but him just suddenly randomly there made even LESS sense to me. (Also, I was meh on Bill in promo photos, but loved what little we saw of him on screen.) So I missed Percy coming back, and Fred getting to die laughing. On the other hand, we got Molly taking out Bella, so I'm happy about that.

I also kind of loved HBC doing Hermione-as-Bella with the shuffling steps and hunched shoulders and wide eyes. I kind of love her. Let's have a spin off movie with the Black sisters! (Not really. But I would totally watch it.)

The battle of Hogwarts scenes were pretty spectacular. I will forever mourn that we don't really get any movie Peeves though. I did sort of really like Helena, even if she had that weird sudden scary moment. It reminded me of how deeply jarring Galadriel's "ALL WILL LOVE ME AND DESPAIR" moment in LotR.

I'm glad I went to see it. I'm also a little bummed that we didn't do the midnight showing, because we were thinking about going to the Orlando theater to do it, to meet another friend of my mom's. And apparently during the screening on Citywalk, outside of Universal, they set up a red carpet that led directly into the Harry Potter section of Universal and let everyone who was at the screening into the park for the night for free, and they had it to themselves. Which is awesome. I could have been there!

It was a good movie to end it on, I think. I take the movies as a separate entity from the books, for the most part, and judged on its own merits I think it was an entertaining movie.

E.T.A. - Oh! And the other major complaint I had - McGonagall sending all Slytherins to the dungeons? WTF? I mean I know that when *I* read the book, I totally missed that when the Slytherins all walked out, Sluggy and some of them came BACK with reinforcements. I didn't realize that was what was meant until recently. But McGonagall just automatically isolating the Slytherins without giving them a chance to choose is lame. I know the whole inter-house unity/solidarity message kind of gets borked in the text ANYWAY, but having all the Slytherins sent down to the dungeon preeeeetty much makes Harry's whole little "Slytherins are okay" speec to Albus Severus completely BS.

Also, hearing "Albus Severus" out loud kind of made me giggle.

Also, call me petty, but apparently Deathly Hallows 2 already broke Eclipse's records for opening, just on opening night. I find that satisfying.

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