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Okay, where are my fellow "The Voice" addicts? Because I really need to talk to someone about how insanely fun that "Love is a Battlefield" was. (Although, camera, dudes, why did we barely see the little girl dancers and just see the little boys?) So dramatic and over-the-top-awesome. SO FUN.

Also, Javier was my early favorite, and I still love his voice, but I think Beverly and Vicci buried him in the finale.

And wasn't that the second time Christina had one of her people sing one of her songs? I love you, Xtina, but I think that's a little weird. No one else had someone doing their songs. (Though Blake did Adam's. Someone take my slash goggles away.)

I haven't watched the results yet, as you can probably tell.

E.T.A. I just started the results show and wasn't there a thing years ago where Maroon Five and Train hated each other? Or am I imagining that?

E.A.T.A. Okay, I finished. Noooooooooo!

Okay, I kind of thought he would take it, and I think he's pretty awesome, but that last finale performances really tipped me into wanting it to go to Beverly or Vicci. (I don't dislike Dia, and actually think she has a really nice approach to songs a lot of the time and seems very talented, but she leaves the least impression on me, post-performance, whereas I find Vicci and Beverly dynamic as hell, and Javier compelling.)

I also found Blake's reaction to Dia and his wife singing together kind of genuinely sweet.

Editing Yet Again - So, I think Javier's a fantastic singer, like genuinely, but I think my disappointment stems from the fact that when I think about it, Adam came right out and said that his favorite moment was still that first moment, and Javier singing "Time After Time". Which is also my favorite moment, and I think after that the things he did were sort of. . . in the same vein? He did them well, but it was a little samey-samey.

Whereas I think all three of the other finalists showed consistent improvement from show to show, and growth and range. (So did Xenia and a few others, but I think she was a little not ready for prime time, even if I liked her a lot.) So to me, Javier definitely can and SHOULD have a career, but I don't know if he should have won the competition, because of that.

Also, I wish Vicci would sing an Anouk song.

Hee, and my mom is emailing me to ask me if I watched SYTYCD. I can only do so much TV a day!

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