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Writing Yay

I feel like it's jinxing it to say something, but I've been writing like craaaazy lately. I've gotten an outline and a bunch of words on my Vampire Diaries big bang, an outline and set up on a new original novel, character bios for an RP with one of my BFF's, who I have ACTUALLY TALKED TO A TON LATELY. This is so exciting after like a year and a half of us never getting to talk except for the rare hour or so and a few emails.

I also got my Apocalyptothon assignment, and am excited. (Hi whoever got me in the exchange! I am easy to please but if you want a foolproof end-of-the-world scenario I love, I gravitate toward virus-style mass world ending. I am totally good with anything, though. If zombies are your thing, then I just request there not be a LOT of loving detail being given to rotting bits. If you don't go for the pairings listen in my sign up, then gen is always welcome too, and canon pairings are usually a-okay too!) New fandom jitters, of course. (I still have not recovered from new fandom jitters being validated last time out.) But I think I have an idea of what I want to do.

I've got a lot on my plate though, writing wise. How I did that, I don't know. I usually only end up over-extending around the holidays when Yuletide and all the holiday exchanges hit at once. I really wanted to sign up for the XMMV exchange too, but I didn't, since I have stuff to work on, and I STILL haven't seen First Class.

So here for my own reference is a list of stuff, and some word meters, because I'm a dork.

Vampire Diaries Big Bang
Word Goal - 10,000 (Minimum)
Due - August 17th (Author Drafts Due)

Word Goal - 1,000 (Minimum)
Due - August 13th

Dragon Age Big Bang
Word Goal - 25,000 (Minimum)
Due - December 1st (Goes live, finish BEFORE THAT.)

Original Romance Novel
Word Goal - 100,000ish
Due - N/A

Unnamed Marvel Story
Word Goal - 3000

I've kind of got some thinky thoughts about a few things I've been considering lately about fat acceptance and positivity, WLS, and unrelated thoughts about guilt and social/technical anxiety and depression, but I don't think I'm ready to put them down in a way that would satisfy my brain on the topics right now, so I think I'll just go back to writing for now, and watch the Burn Notice premiere. Consider this a note to myself to write something later.

My mom gave a link to one of my stories (Map, if you're curious, and then The Liability Remix when she asked for another) to a friend of hers. Her friend is really nice and an HP and Doctor Who geek and was over for dinner once and was great. I always get a little uncertain when real life and online life collide, but she asked me for links to more stories. (Not mine necessarily, just good ones.) So what would you like an HP geek who is new to fanfic? I don't know if she ships anything, but she wasn't opposed to the Remus/Sirius in Map.

Also unrelated - Scrivener is AMAZING. So useful when working with long projects. I've also been playing with Reunion's free demo to work out some family trees, which is kind of a lot of fun and I started trying to work out family trees from fandoms which got very complicated very fast in some instances. I actually made a comm for Scrivener users to chat on DW, but there's nothing there yet - I just couldn't find one and know there's other Scrivener users on DW. (Anyone planning to do NaNo this year should totally check it out. They have a free demon and NaNo winners get 50% off.) I'll work on getting a welcome and stuff up soon, but if anyone wants to have a look, it's [community profile] scrivener_users.

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