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So, LJ has, once again, rolled out a feature with the potential to invade the privacy of many, many people without thinking it through, and then, after being told about how NOT GOOD it is, giving a flippant response and rolling said feature back again. Original announcement, with some more good commentary about what's wrong with it here, and here, in comments.

You know, I believe that most of the people involved at LJ probably WANT to keep as many people happy as possible, and have the users' best interests at heart. But it's like every one in a while, someone sends a Fuckery signal up into the sky, and they realize that it's been a while since they've released a new feature that may cause endless amounts of trouble when used in ways other than the manner they considered it being used. And then it's OFF TO THE batmobile LJ Releases comm, where they sneak it in and hope no one notices. And then the comments start rolling in, and the Fuckery signal goes silent, and they undo the new fuckery, and all is well for a while. Until the signal is lit again.

I only had IP logging on for anon comments, but it's been taken off on my LJ. And as always happens when LJ's signal is lit, if anyone wants Dreamwidth codes, I have several up for grabs.

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