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My Brain is a Blank Space

I opened an update window with something specific to say, I KNOW I did, but I totally forgot what it was.

Have a link that is currently amusing me? (livelovehump, this is relevant to your interests!) Arrested Westeros. A tumblr devoted to Arrested Development and Game of Thrones mash ups. I cackled. (For anyone interested, I don't do much more but repost or like stuff now and then, but I do have a tumblr over at voicessayhello.)

I spent like all morning reading wank comms on journalfen, and then reread derailing for dummies, and then went to read kink meme prompts. I'm not entirely sure what those morning events say about me, but it's probably not good?

I've been rewatching The Sarah Connor Chronicles along with the rewatch project over on LJ, and with my sister, who never finished the second season the first time around. Man, I forgot how much I LOVED this show. Reading along with Mark Watches as he watches AtLA for the first time too has just filled me with love for the show all over again.

I kind of want to watch "The Doctor's Wife" again now. I think that for someone like me, and many others, who joked around in Supernatural, and Firefly fandoms about Dean/Impala and Mal/Serenity being our ship (and, in my case, actually writing Impala fic), having an actual Doctor/TARDIS story MAKE IT INTO CANON, and not only BE canon, but be AMAZING just makes my heart swell three sizes.

And I did get to the romancey point in my Dragon Age II replay. Because I am INCREDIBLY predictable, I romanced Fenris, after managing to not have a romance option in my first play through. I just. . . okay, angry, bitter, broody, elf, tattoos, former slave. . . these are all things that HIT MY BUTTONS. Not in a kink way, necessarily, but in a I WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS CHARACTER way. In straight up terms of likability, my favorite remains Varric. (I still wish he was a romance possibility. Why no dwarf love, Bioware?) but Fenris is just my cup of tea, and I know it, and I own it.

That said, I got to the point where Fenris shows up at Hawke's house and is all angry and confused and shoves him (or her, but mine was a he) against a wall and then makes out with him.

. . . it was hot.

I feel shame.

Well not really, but I probably should.

The parents are headed out of town for the weekend shortly. Which means I can TURN OFF HGTV, YAY.

Just in time for me to go to sleep! I think you can objectively tell my blood levels but JUST HOW MUCH I SLEEP.

E.T.A. - Also, if anyone is kicking around out there who still wants a Dreamwidth or A03 invite, I've got a couple at the latter, and a bunch at the former, so just let me know.

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