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So. . . .

It's been a lousy week in most corners for people. *hugs the wifey* But I sort of just got some good news.

We've been in a prolonged fight with the insurance company about covering me, and had our second appeal last week. Today we got the letter that they're reversing their decision and covering me. So no more six hundred bucks extra a month cobra to cover the girl who hospital bounces and has chronic blood and headache issues!

*victory sign*

It's not going to SOLVE our financial issues of course, but it's sure as hell not going to hurt. And it means if we move, and my mom can keep her job and work from a distance, which she's hopeful about, I'll be covered no matter where we end up, since it's through her job.

Yay for good news?

Also, I just found out they cancelled United States of Tara, so boo to that.

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