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I just. . . I know that there's like, PEOPLE in fandom who dislike Neil, and there has been wank, and some of it is probably very right but. . . I CANNOT GIVE UP MY ABJECT FANGIRL LOVE.

Because he gives us things like THIS.

I don't even have any formal thoughts except The Tardis and Delirium would GET ALONG SO WELL and I just. . . *flails*

SO GOOD. So creepy and sweet and sad and lovely and so very, very Gaiman.

Why did I stop loving this show for a while? I AM SO STUPID.

E.T.A. Also, Cesare, you have nine million times more chemistry with your little sister and your pet assassin Micheletto then you do with the babe you're sleeping with. And man, all the marital rape with Lucrezia is incredibly hard to watch. I just want to hug her at this point. And the thing with Luke Pasqualino is not going to end well, but I squeed seeing him show up. SO PRETTY.

And Game of Thrones. . . there is just a LOT of names and info dumps about history/world building being done. I like the show, and Tyrion is amazing, but it's hard to keep track of without book knowledge, and I'm only just starting the books.

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