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Age of the Geek, Baby

Dad Explains The Gender Divide

Have a conversation from my family tonight.

My sister, my dad and I are standing in the kitchen, and his water bottle is sitting on the counter. He'd frozen it and then let it start to melt so it was cold for him, and my sister picks it up and looks at the melting ice in the bottle, and my dad takes it and goes "it looks like a boob."

My sister gives him a blank look and then goes "I actually thought it was kind of phallic."

My dad, with great pompous surety that said he was aware he was completely full of shit, goes, "that's because you're a girl, and I'm a guy. I see boobs, you see a dick." They then ask me, as I come in the kitchen, what I see, and are greatly full of scoffing when I say "a water bottle with ice?" And then relate the rest of the conversation that I missed because I was busy fixing the dog his dinner.

This then led to a discussion on what a lesbian and/or gay man would see, or transgendered people, and dad took a camera phone picture of the ice and sent it to his gay brother to ask what he sees. He's like ". . . a water bottle with ice?"


E.T.A. has anyone found a decent app for working with Delicious tags on Android, by any chance?

E.A.T.A. Follow up conversation. Water bottle has now melted down so it's bobbing in the water, and dad holds it up "See? It's like a boob floating around in there." *shakes bottle, pauses, then* "Oh no, now it looks like a dick."

Upon going to bed, forgets his water, I hand it to him "have your dickwater".

"No, that's okay, you keep it, you might need it."


All therapy bills can be attributed directly to my family.

Meanwhile mom's in the back going "that's terrible!" *pauses* "but ice cubes were nice once. . . "

Cue me leaving the room with my hands over my ears.

Also, he was sitting and watching the same Gaga concert we were watching the other night, for like half an hour earlier, commenting on the outfits and the fish thing. I come by it naturally, people.

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